May 3, 2009

You Cannot Escape Your Fate

It's a matter of Fate, and you can't escape it. Maybe this is the part where all my existentialist believes run into the wall of irrationality and superstition. Yes, these things live in me, but I start ot believe that you can't escape who you are, therefore you can't escape your faith. This is why The Whale became the "dry land Keiko", why my boss is despised by so many people and his projects and plans are crashing down like a glass made of sugar being filled with water. This is why, I believe, an evil worm, known in the underworld as "Iori", will find his doom, and probably while witnessing the happy raising of the one person he mistreats the most, our beloved, sweet hearted, all-goodness, Mu fan, angsty-fic crazy Kate. May the gods of slash bless her pure heart.

Anyway, after talking to my dear Carrie on Friday night, over a series of spirited drinks (blowjobs, cosmopolitans, fire serpents, long islands, Miami Vice, mad dogs), loads of Aerosmith and Bon Jovi songs, we found ourselves fangirling--- sorry, I mean we found ourselves SLASH fangirling, trying to find a suitable mate for Bon Jovi (we are stuck with the Winchester boys, so it was BJ/Dean and BJ/Sam). It was then when Revelation came, I had an epiphany: "once a slasher, always a slasher". This is something you can't shake off so easily. I mean, you can stop being an otaku, you can reach a point where animation, not even yaoi animation holds your interest, but when you have the "writer fibre" in you, and you give your head to slash, that's what you remain. And so it comnes back the moment when the Internet is all about looking for slash stories, and your best friend is the Word because you fill the idle moments of your time typing stories that eventually you share.

And well, when it comes to slash, even though the Winchester boys find that "sick", truth is that there's nothing like Sam and Dean, our newest "obssession", so to call it. Sorry boys!

I've got this episode from my friend Carrie that day, but saw it only yesterday... around four or five times, so yes, I've almost memorized the entire thing. I must admit that the first time I saw that scene I felt slightly offended by their attitude. I mean, after all, they have a job because we keep the ratings up. Then again, with all the slashy things they do, they can't really expect people, slashers, to stop imagining that that "I love you", or that pressing-your-brother-chest-to-chest-to-the-wall, as well as all the inuendo didn't actually finished in something else. Then, I calmed down. Well, it's the line of the story, not a fic, so yeah, that's how they react, which actually poses a slight challenge for any slasher working "cannon". However, no self respecting slasher would walk back from such a sweet challenge. ^_^

I've a few stories rolling around my head, and I've been thinking about giving them a try... here. something short, and probably not going into the NC-17/NC-21 that made me "famous" once upon a time. However, I'll warn you, so you don't start reading an entry and suddenly stumble upon a Sam tied to a bed, naked, sweaty with his dick deep down tight parts of Dean's anatomy.

Yes, once a slasher, always a slasher, and THAT is also the fate of the Winchester boys on the net. Everybody gara live with what they get.


Dragonfly said...

Ay amiga... me encanta los ojos de ese tipo... uy muro de amor!


Storm Bunny said...

De cuál de todos? La verdad es que los de Supernatural están hechos unos papichurros divinos!! Y esos ojitos verdes que se tienen, son de muerte lenta y agonizante! ^_^ Y respecto de Bon Jovi... hasta se me olvida el güila viéndolo! ^_^ Me encanta, me encanta, me encanta!!

Anonymous said...

I felt slightly offended as well for his reaction at first, but hey, they do so many other slashy things in one episode that you can just forgive that one, and besides, it just fits with our preference for "First Time" fics, cause as we agreed that time, those "Established Relationship" fics are totally boring and meant to eventually become obsolete.

Ah, Bon Joviiii.... he's such a dream! I guess I'm all for the 90's Bon Jovi, the "Keep the Faith" video still makes me drool! I saw a concert just a while ago at A&E channel and.. well, time does go by and it's kinda merciless on each and everyone of us...

Storm Bunny said...

I can't stop thinking that they could have reacted slightly "less offensively", but then again, it wouldn't be Dean to brush it off. Then again, if it's for the wincest thing, and I believe it IS for the wincest thing, then they wouldn't object a Castiel/Dean or Castiel/Sam. I personally object all Bobby-related slash. I won't go there. Even so, all in all, I think the scene was just a tad harsh.

As for Bon Jovi... well, time catches up with everybody, but Hyne bless the vids that keep them young and beautiful!