Jun 24, 2011

It always comes back

I meant to write on Summer Solstice, since a Smurf greeted me "Happy Litha" (though I believe pagans greet "blessed Litha") and I thought about how nice would it be to gather and share a few thoughts and words with the Great Darkness (meaning the cyberspace and all of you, beloved readers who remain so safely conceled in it's digital anonymity). However, as more often than  not lately, time got in the way and I never got around to write. Well, as a matter of fact, I haven't gotten around to write in quite a while.

These past days have been crazy. I was both on the run to get things finished as soon as possible with the thesis, which didn't went as quickly as planned thanks to the slacking of the 50% of the workforce behind this thing. I did finish it and sent it to the lectors on Tuesday, and now I'm praying and hoping everything is fine and without observation, so that we can go through the next point and please, please, please get it finished before we run out of time, which is in 2 months. Nothing like pressure to get you running in circles chasing your own tail, right? Anyway, this is the point where my capabilities halt, where I can do no more, though I'll keep doing all I can, but leave it to God. Let's pray and hope for a miracle.

Work, on the other hand, has been all over the place. I've been graced with quite some hefty tasks, which I've been shouldering while wrestling with yet another task involving other areas, which have neglected to follow procedure and had nearly shot themselves in the foot. Well, as a matter of fact, the known philosophy followed by their head of "rather ask forgiveness than permission" has effectively put a whole in their metatarsals. They have acted rashly, in a hot headed fashion, claiming to be urged to get things done, with no time to follow due procedure, and precisely this has costed them up to much more time than what it would have if they've had done it as it should have been from the begining. With this move another of their requests (well, a couple of them) has just fallen off the grill.

I'd really would like to extend a little about Litha - though it is well known that I am a Christian, generic, not fringe, and not a Pagan - and a few things connected to it, but the first thought that comes to mind as I think of time, right now, is that Smurf and his coworkers are moving to another building in another district. In the last re-shifting, their group was separated from ours, and attached to another division, which has kept them quite at bay, which has roused suspition around the group. Rumors have already spread, about it being due to their head, who's known of being of a rather difficult kind. From both sides it has been notorious how the rest of the division has been integrated, kept in one same space, but they are still and will still be kept shut aside and away from the rest of them.

As these things roll out, there's a certain sense of connection in the whole. The wheel of the year turns, the milestones in it, or Sabbaths mark a certain balance and also in the daily life, the cycles of work show that they follow them also. Everything comes back to the begining, it is not a straight line drawing your path, but a circle, maybe a spiral that takes you again to the same place, maybe from a different position, but it always comes back. You can't get away with murder, there's no such thing. What you sow is exactly what you reap.

Litha, middsummer. Somewhere I read it means "gentle" as in the sense of gentle waters that are easier to navigate. Well, let's hope that the good intentions, hopes and efforts are carried easily and swiftly to their goal.

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