May 26, 2013

Movies, Clothes, Fabrics and Planners

I was supposed to tackle a project today, but I can see I won't do so. Nope, not this time around! Today it's raining a lot and I feel more like staying home and reading, or maybe penpalling a little. I do have a lot of letters to reply and my mood is much better for it as well. Then again, I have "closet-programs" to tackle, such as cleaning my closet and restocking myself with black clothes for the upcoming month of June. Yes, I know, BUT most of my black clothes are currently in Budapest, and I can't just hop on a plane every Saturday to pick up what I want to wear foe the office, now can I? And I must admit, I have quite some pretty things back at home. I'm also all excited planning my black jewelry and the flair I want to give to my Black Month outlook. Yay! This is so exciting! I totally love the Black Month! Everybody should have one.

Other than that, I'm having a wonderful time, which is so refreshening and uplifting after the absolutely horrid times I lived at the begining of the year. After six weeks at the new place, I can say that I've managed to get the hang of pretty much it and now I understand more. I also see better through things and have realized that I don't need to speak the utterly complex language of lawyers and lawyer-wannabes to be part of the team. I can defend my own speech style and pull it like a pro.

As part of this reemerging from the darkness, I have been making time to go out more with my friends... which so far ended in watching Star Trek 3 times in a 7 day-period, and a meeting to fangirl like crazy about a mix of Star Trek, Teen Wolf (hey! There's Sterek in there and that forgives the unsufferable school drama!), Destiel... and I know there was something else, but I forgot what was it. Oh, and talking of Star Trek, has anyone noticed that the clothes were terribly unflattering? The fabric was disgraceful, with fleecing cotton, plastified cheap spandex and some cloth that not only got fleecey, but the threads parted at the hems... and then all that stuff that looked like pulled from the cart of a homeless. The clothes were so unflattering you feared they were made by all the loosers of Project Runway.

Chris Pine and Zack Quinto actually looked like they had beer bellies and Benedict Cumberbatch, though mostly looked yummy - he's rather thin, so it would have taken FX to put a beer belly on him - when running in the last scene looked absloutely horrendous, like his whole torso was some sort of box, with no curves whatsoever. No butt, no chest, just a box with a head on top and limbs sticking out from the sides.

Now, I'm no fabric expert, don't take my word for it, BUT when you see fleece on the collar, a doctor in something that looks like the round, flat, collared Monster-boy's (the little werewolf, what was his name?) shirt on Karl Urban (plays Bones), you know that something isn't right. Yeah, yeah, good actors, but hey, if costume design isn't so important, why don't you make them play nude? Or grab the costumes from the last movie, or maybe what was left from Star Trek Voyager, but not the third rated crappy clothes! Hell! They looked like they could have flees! Hope no actor suffered from some flesh eating virus after wearing that crap!

Anyway, other than that, I'm experiencing a moment of peaceful joy. Maybe it's the rain, but I feel in happy peace, and I love it. Life is simply wonderful, and though I'm having the usual and normal issues of life, everything is just wonderful. I've been thinking about stuff like other purchases, such as getting a new filofax, since my Sketch's clasp is ripping more and more each day. I'm checking the site quite often, but simply don't see anything I'd like. That's a bummer. I love my Sketch, but they have no other Sketch's - and the last time they had, it was "maroon", which is a world to say "red". It's supposed to be "wine" or "dark red", but it's red, and no matter what people say, "red" isn't a color I consider professional. I've been thinking about "cheating on Filofax" with another brand... except that I remember then all I had to go through, all my searching, and realize that filofax is the brand that... meets my needs better. However, now without a Sketch to please me, I might have to go on a broader chase for what I want.

Talking about planners, today I was talking to my boyfriend and I suggested something that may help other people too: a Reality Check Calendar. Thing is that sometimes you are in a situation where you are in a relationship or something that doesn't seem to work, but either you can't put your finger on it or you can bring yourself to make a change. Say, you feel your job is abusive, but you don't resign because the pay is good, or you have a friend who fights with you often, but you still love them and can't leave them. Or you have a neighbour that annoys you but you can make up your mind to talk to the rest of the neighbours to confront them. Or simply it's you. You feel like you are depressed all the time, or you'd love to finish something but never happens... you name it.

The Reality Check Calendar would be a tool for you to see actually what's going on. For it you'd need a yearly calendar, or a monthly calendar, maybe even a weekly calendar, BUT it must be something where you can see as much of a year as possible. In this calendar each time something you want to track happens, you make a note, or put a color dot according to a code. For instance: say you just don't feel ok at your job, but can't seem to work up the nerve you need to resign. So you grab the Reality Check Calendar and make the notes: the good and the bad. Say you mark with green the paydays and note down how much were you paid, you mark in red each time you had a quarrel with your boss and maybe the reason of it, orange for trouble with coworkers, say yellow for each time you had a great time, black for each time you had a night shift, blue for each time you had to do overtime, brown for each time you've got to leave early... and so on. You may or may not set a date to make a decision, BUT the point with the caledar is that you give the chance to yourself to have a rather objetive view of the situation, instead of relying solely on memories that might be heavily charged with emotions. It could help you realize that things are far worse than you thought, and that could promtp you to decide to leave or change the situation, or it might make you smile when you realize that's actually not so bad, and maybe your problem is just one little thing that's easy to fix.

This is much similar to the Period Track Calenders one can find on planners made specially for women, where you can mark your periods and so actually realize if there's a discrepancy, or you are perfectly fine and your periods are actually quite regular. You could keep several as well, say, one to track your job - say, not because you have problems, but you'd like to track how often and how long projects normally take - one for the family (trips, times you take one or the other to the doctor, how often you must take your dog or your cat to the vet), your exercising (how often do you participate in this or that, train or walk in a week), and so on. It shouldn't become something like a journal, though you can journal all you want, because the point of it is to give you an overview. If you wish to journal, keep a tracking journal next to it, but the Reality Check Calendar's point is to give you the big picture with the minimum effort.

Tack it to a board, keep the markers close, and don't think about it until the day something that worths marking happens. Then make it simple.

What do you think?

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