Jul 28, 2013

Week in my Filofax

What a delight to know that my new filofax has already been delievered. Now all I have to do is go where my filofax is, which will happen by the end of this year. Yes, life isn't perfect - all the time - but it's good as it is. Now, truth to be told, I do am a wee bit disappointed in Filofax UK for what I perceive is a lack of customer care, regarding the time of processing the order and the shipping of the order, not to mention the absolute lack of means for the customer to track the order. Yes, it's not their money, it's ours, but now you can bet your socks I'll make sure to always check and double check the American site before I wander to the English site. Sorry, but I'm just that sensitive. My boyfriend is delighted with my new filofax, loves the scent, the feel... everything, and if it weren't because he specifically asked for a Kindle for his birthday, his lovely and smart and beautiful girlfriend would get him a filofax.

Well, this week has been pretty much packed for me, even though we had a holiday on Thursday, or maybe precisely due to that. Actually I was very little at the office, with a work "workshop" of sorts, which is basically a whole-day meeting where you are away from the office and concentrate on one topic and one topic only. It's pretty intensive, but sometimes it's needed to get something moving better and faster. This was on Monday, and it was a fabulous day. It wasn't in the same building I work, nor in the same district, but at one to which I could go on train. So yay! I left Sookie at home (also because traffic there is deadly, with world class traffic jams at peak hours), and took the train to go to the office. I love our interurban train! I would take it everyday if I could. Back home I've got a partial lift from by boss and a friend of hers, who is a hoot, and I've got the chance to meet her a little bit better. She's an amazing lady. We may not always meet eye-to-eye, but that's mostly because she's a lawyer and I'm an economist, and words and maths not always click together, but all in all we are really good together and work like an oiled machine. She's just amazing.

Tuesday I worked like crazy, pushing a couple of extra hours to get everything finished, because on Wednesday I had a meeting with my Union in the afternoon. First time at the Union building, which explains that makeshift roadmap I sketched on to find the place. Yep, there you can see, right there, one of the things you can't really do on a phone. Yes, by all means, you can now link a google map... but it isn't really the same, now is it? ^_^

Friday was a relaxing workday as a lot of people took it out for vacations in order to have an extra long weekend. Those of us who actually came to the office had a nice and relaxing day, with work getting done without the usual e-mail typhoon that usually flood us.

Then Saturday was Archery-day and Today was "Movies with the Boys" day. Tomorrow will be "oh fuck, I have to keeep wearing long sleeves" day, since guess who bruised her arm AGAIN at archery? This gara stop or I'll never, ever again will wear short sleeves! And a lot of shirts I love are sleeveless or have short sleeves.

I'm currently reading "The Secret Keeper" by Kate Morton, and so far so good. I'm really behind - AGAIN - with my penpals, and slacking with stuff here and there, but you know something? I'm feeling good, and that's all that matters. :-) Everything else can and will be fixed. 

The other day my Mom brought me a ziplock bag from a student of hers who knew I make jewelry from beads. She had seen some of my pieces on my Mom, so one day she brought this bag full of beads for me. It had a box with six compartments, with a huge array of beads mixed up in different sizes and colors. Yes, it looked like a nightmare. So today I decided to separate them all and put them in the box by color. The task wasn't small, and the picture you see here is, well, after half of the work was done (I didn't think of taking a picture of the bag or the way the box looked until after I was half way throught this, and I realized hoy much it reminded me of other things in life). Slowly but surely, I sorted out all the beads, put those in little number in small ziplock bags (there are tiny ones), and worked through the whole mess not letting the mess get to me, but concentrating in picking the beads in small groups and rather thought about how everything was looking nicer, how the size of the mess was diminishing by each bead I sorted into the right group.

After an hour and some, all the beads got sorted out, either boxed or nicely bagged. Now they are ready for stringing into something beautiful. Looking at them you feel inspired and you want to make something out of them, a necklace, a bracelet, earrings... you name it. Well, thing is that things in life are the same, and that's what I realied while I was sorting them: perhaps you are standing before a project that looks huge to you, and nearly impossible to tackle, or just so big and so labor consuming you are overcome with procrastination. Well, tackle it! It's okay, you don't have to lung the big chunk and conquer it in 24 hours, do it little by little, acknowledge the steps you take, the advance you make and enjoy it. Little by little you'll get there, so keep trying!

My next weeks is already looking really packed, but that doesn bother me either: slowly but surely, we will get there. I don't worry, I conquered the beads, I can conquer anything, and so can you.

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