Jan 1, 2015

2015's First Post

Guess who's back! Well, yeah, obviously me. ^_^ After a couple of hectic years that have gone wild on me, I've decided to reclaim myself in this new year. How's that? Well, I decided not to let myself be absorbed by my job or my studies.

This year I believe I have achieved a lot. 2014 hasn't been easy and I've hit a couple of rough patches, have found out things that have disappointed me on people and situations I never thought I would be disappointed in, but I have not let myself be defeated by them. I've managed to get ahead quite nicely in my studies in accounting, so, if all goes well, this year I'll have my graduation from the B.A. basic degree, and my bachelor's degree in accounting. This year I plan on doing the Graduation Seminar to get my full Grade Degree in accounting.

Last year I was so absorbed in studying, and so wrapped up in my job and the issues around it, that I forgot to tend to the things that are entirely me. As you know, I hardly even blogged, didn't tweet much, didn't check my tumblr often, and left my spirituality loose and wander off a little, rather than keep on exploring, researching and playing with it as I had in the past, but also neglected other hobbies and things I love. I haven't done and List of 13 in a while, and by the end of the year I found myself compulsively needing to knit.

So yesterday, while I waited for the new year to begin, I took pen and paper and wrote down my resolutions, the things I wanted to have in my life in this 2015. Those are:

1. Keep close track of my finances
2. Save money
3. Loose weight
4. Blog at least once a week in English and once a month in Hungarian
5. Get ahead with my accounting degree
6. Explore my spirituality
7. Write and publish five fanfics
8. Read 24 books
9. Get back on track with my penpals
10. Have more time to myself
11. Write more
12. Journal more
13. Be more environmentally conscious
14. Spend more rationally
15. Meditate
16. Observe more, but also be braver, more frank
17. Work on my book of shadows
18. Complete the Scrapbook for mom

Many of the things I have included in my Lists of 13 came to my mind, but I decided not to make them Resolutions on their own, but let them flow inside these 18 Resolutions. Things like spend time in nature, have a picnic, spend a whole day without spending any money, or spend a whole day without making any trash, experience art... these all are things I want back in my life, but not as part of a list, as a little challenge to myself, but as a little escape from the routine. I'll reinstate the List of 13 if I see that I can't integrate them in my life otherwise, but I hope, I really hope, I can find it inside me to do these things, take them back into my life, by a natural flow.

What is your 2015 looking like?

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