May 17, 2015

Lots of Thinking

This week has not been easy at all. With my agenda full of activities, I had plenty to keep me occupied. From meetings at work to tasks related to my studies to arranging my personal affairs, I hardly had a moment of respite. I really awaited for the weekend to have a moment to rest, to finally put myself at ease and calm, but then I had today a fateful talk with someone I care deeply about. I didn't intend for this to happen, but words got the best of me and my closely guarded thoughts came rushing to the open, and with it the unstoppable wheels began to turn. 

Truth to be told, I feel overwhelmed by this. I would have thought that almost three years of thinking this over has given me clarity and strength to face what seems like an inevitable outcome of events, but as it turns, I'm not as chilled within myself to take certain decisions so easily. It's time to be hard and relay entirely on rational thinking. That's all I've got for now, all I can relay on. Hard days are coming my way, and I still have to work hard at my job and concentrate on my studies. I'm completing important things, so I can't be derailed by other matters. I'll cry my row when I'll get the time to do it.

Let's change to a lighter note, shall we? On that lighter note, I recently discovered a store called The Face Shop, that sells Korean skin care products and cosmetics. It was kind of my salvation when it came to pick presents for Skylar and then for Laura. I haven't tried out their make up (I've plenty still from my Oriflame make up stash), and I still have plenty of skin care products also from my purchases of L'Occitane and Oriflame, as well as my recent treasure, products from Rituals, a Belgian brand. However, one thing I'm using quite intensively is hand cream and my stash in that has been quickly depleting, so I decided to gift myself with a little pot of hand cream to keep at the office, where I use it more often. The Face Shop presents some of their products in lovely little containers shaped in ways that look like toys or cute adornments, perfect to keep at sight, and yet nobody would be the wiser about what they really are. Something else I like a lot of these products is that they aren't all that expensive, but quite affordable, and they feel wonderful on your skin.

I'm still not sold on the make up, as I tried on my hand some foundation and I noticed how it became quite visible and ugly in the little cracks and wrinkles of my skin. How would that look on your face? I definitively don't wish to being attention to whatever wrinkles I may already have on my face! So yes, I'm being cautious, specially as I need to balance back my financial situation, and I'm not hoarding up on the product, but what I have, I already like.

And I definitively rather concentrate on that right now than on whatever other things going on in my life that might end up painfully, no matter how much I work on doing control damage. Boy, it's time to prepare for the blow.

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