Sep 20, 2015

Oh Boy, Mercury Retrograde

I started the week following the wrong week on my Witches Datebook. This is the datebook I use to keep my non-work related appointments. My filofax contains all my appointments and notes, and so, at one point I noticed that the dates, the appointments, but above all, that the Mercury Retrograde period wasn't matching.

In the past several days I've been reading voraciously, and when I say "voraciously", it means that I've been reading at a speed of a book-a-day in several cases, but even a book in three days. Considering that I usually read a book in 2 weeks, this speed is unusual for me. Specially sustained through several books. Ok, well, a lot of those books have been gay stories, so I burned through them like acid. From these books the following:

1. The Alaska books or North Series of Cara Dee were delightful, though none of the books were on te same height as Aftermath.

2. I really like Alessandra Hazard's writing style. From her Straight Boy series (was that the name of the series? I don't really remember), all of the books followed the same formula: older, taller man dominates through some degree of violence the younger man, who usually displays some degree of "attitude problem". Even so, I read through her whole "Just a Bit" books and loved the last one like you have no idea.

After that I tackled a Mexican novel "Los Corruptores" (The Corruptors), by Jorge Zepeda, and kinda liked that one too. This one is about four friends and how they find themselves involved in a murder with deep political roots. What I liked most of this book was that it had a lot of talk of political situations, and political antics.

Politics in Latin America can be a really exciting thing, from a very morbid point of view. The intricacies, the weaving of corruption, drugs, human trafficking and so on, are all actual parts of the real scenario of real Latin American countries, and as such, are depicted in the novel in a way that might seem a little too extreme, a little too fictitious, but then, as the author himself explains, the extents of corruption in this part of the world reaches so far, that when put on paper in a novel, they look like nuking the fridge. Funny thing is that, politics nowadays are a long string of outrageous maneuvers hardly even bothering to cover.

This reminds me of that person I think I wrote about, who actually considered corrupts and thieves to be incredibly gifted people with a superior intellect. Well, what can you expect from someone who as managed a lot of things in life by dropping to the knees, if you know what I mean... according to what's said, which actually explains the given persons lack of intellectual capabilities.

Well, through all this, I was suddenly taken by a bout of literary inspiration - I consider it an advance on the usual October Inspiration Season - and I actually started drafting up an original story. Go figure. It's been a while since I've actually typed something that's not a fanfic. Whether I'll finish this one, I'm not sure, but one thing is for certain, I'm typing it and letting it lose. Whatever happens after, well, it will happen. Nah, you'll never get to read that one, I don't publish.

Through all this time, I've also been quite snowed wth work, and the college project is also going on and we need to move on that, but there I've been a little stuck. Boy talk about Mercury Retrograde! Supposedly, when we are on Mercury Retrograde you should avoid starting new things, and rather concentrate on revising things you are currently doing and keep on working your projects. It's a time to slow down, look closer to stuff, thread carefully, talk carefully and above all, avoid risks. And what do I do? Start a new story. Am I normal? Then again, my Muse has been on a long vacations and she basically works only one month of the year (October Inspirational Season isn't a coincidence, no, it's like the only time my Muse is willing to work. Like the bitch is an accountant or something, working only to do the yearly balance, end of the period, and then she's off again, vacationing in the Bahamas with the money made), so yeah, if she wants to work on Mercury Retrograde, who am I to say no?

This is the year's last Mercury Retrograde and it took me by surprise, walking into it with all the things I would not normally do. Starting things, stagnating ongoing things while waiting for the impulse to get to them... wearing red. What was I thinking? Why wasn't I being more careful?Who knows, but be it as it may, so far it has been awesome. ^_^

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