Oct 1, 2010

October is Here

Well, finally October is here, and I can already feel it in my bones. It's the season of the witch, the season of spells and big moons looming on the sky, flying brooms and big pointy hats. Black cats and wicked stories, tricks, treats and loads of inspiration.

On top of everything, October comes our favorite day of the week, Friday, as if suggesting that the season of magic, shall also be the season of kicked back partying and booze swinging. We've no plans going on so far, but sure as hell, something will kick up soon enough.

Pulling the thread from September, I've connected - or more like reconnected - with an old friend of mine from one of those twists and turns life takes. He has an interestind story, this friend of mine, and has interesting twists and turns about it, some of which - well - you'd think would make him wiser. A youngster he is, nevertheless, allowed to trip and fall, so it is time now to sit down on the road next to him, hands on your knees, watch him attentively se, how things develop. Can't figure out why thishad to happen in these days, cosmic or not, but by him being here, by the twists and turns and stories shared, a piece for a story clicked in.

October makes me particularly restless, which is why I suddenly developped a crave for the story of Mark Foley (Republican Lawmaker who aimed to become a senator in the 2006 mid-term election, but was forced to resign after his affairs and improper behavior towards underage male pages hit the light. His lenghty chats and explicit e-mails with some of these boys were made public by the ABC). Years have gone by and I can't believe, or perhaps can't accept, that no one so far has thought about making a book about this. The topic haunts me, greed and power intoxications that leads to blindless, to a misplaced sense of invincibility that takes what it gives. It's such a plot! I want to read more, biography, essay, theory, fiction... I want to delve into it, but I can't find a thing on this matter. Thus I'm left with my only option: write about it. And there here comes my friend and the twist about him, around him spurs up a character that fits like a glove.

We shall see, we shall see.

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