Nov 20, 2010

Proud Not To Be A Mom

On Facebook I found a paragraph of "Mother Pride". It was abhorrent. I read the words with horror, trying to understand how could anyone actually state that wit a proud or happy heart. Given, however, that this message is common in our society, I felt moved to reply to it, and here is the arena where I shall do that.

I am not a Mom, and I'm able to love my mom, understand her as human, as woman, as peer. I am not a Mom and I don't feel nor consider myself less or unachieved. I am not a Mom. I sleep until the sun or the alarm clock does. I go to bed when I'm tired. I mind my own business. I keep in touch with my friends, go out with them and enjoy my time with them, without worrying the entire time about the nanny, the kids, or feeling guilty for feeling good with them. I can stay out late whenever I want, with whomever I want.

I haven't changed my make up for the tired, disheveled look. I don't sacrifice my nights for months. I don't have people throw up on me. I do not endure shrieking and crying. I don't need to wish for my closest next of kin to shut up and fall asleep to have a moment of peace. I don't get frustrated, don't need to fight for attention, for others to understand me at home, partake in the chores because I feel burned out. I don't have to smell someone else's shit or piss. I don't feel guilty for spending my wage on me or my friends an family.

I am not a Mom, I didn't need to leave who I am to accomodate someone else into my life. I am not a Mom, and I can't be happier about it. I am not a Mom and I don't need to justify myself for it, I'm bragging about it. I am not a Mom, I'm a happy, accomplished human being that knows and wishes to share with the world than there's more to life than being born, grow up, marry, have kids and die.

I am not a Mom, and I'm surrounded by love. My friends and family, because I am not a Mom, and I can appreciate, value their love as well.

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