Jan 1, 2011

First Day of the YearLooking at the

Looking of for the day, thinking back at the celebration, sometimes we wish to put magical, bigger-scheme-signss to moments here and there, to tell us something about the year to come. We have some public and private rituals about the turn of the year, which we honestly belive will influence the rest of the 365 days to come. Does it? Why does it strike us only once, and never through the other days of the year?

We celebrate and make sure to be with someone, spend the celebration as merrily as possible, almost as if hoping to make some of that party stick through the rest of the year. Let's have a Happy New Year - for the whole year - surrounded with the people we love. In an effort to either make it count, or extend somehow the feeling, we make Promises, which often have more of a feeling of "hopes and wishes". Do we wish or do we promise? People often don't know the difference. I do both, look forward and sit down with my calendar, check my tagged friends and buddies and make major clean-ups. Naturally mine will have to wait until I get home, to Costa Rica, where I'll check all of my clothes, my things and decides what will see with me the rest of 2011 and what must go and find a new home.

New promises, new hopes. Let's work to bring us closer to our dream this year.

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