May 12, 2011

Random on Ends and Beginings

On Monday my boyfriend went back home, many freaking miles away from here, I finished the latest book I was reading and listened to the last episode of yet another podcast I've subscribed to. It also means it has been a time to start several other things. I started driving Sookie all alone - practicing still, but driving and doing it alone - and I parked her for the first time, in reverse. I started listening to another podcasts (found one insanely funny that keeps me laughing constantly!), reading another book, went to the movies to watch Thor on 3D - I have a problem with 3D. Since I use glasses already, putting on the 3D glasses becomes uncomfortable after a while. I so gara get to using contacts again - changed the way I do my bed, and changed my clothing a bit (well, rain season is coming, so yes, I replace pants for skirts to avoid standing in soaked pants if I get wet).

It's natural, it's the order of things, but we are fond of forgetting this simple rule: life works in circles and ends entail beginings. Yes, when you finish a book you pick a new one, when you finish a project, you start a new one, yet there are many people out there with this insane need to dwell, to mull over the finished things, cry after them, mourn them, wish them back and so on. The clothes you don't want to throw out because you want to back the skinny preteen body you used to have, the credit cards you don't want to get rid off, even if they are choking you, the lover/spouse/crush you can't leave or let go even if it is absolutely clear that they don't love you any more.

Ends are not the end, but the chance to start something new and exciting, so get on the train and live, enjoy, explore and try out while there's still life in your body.

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