May 31, 2011

The Time that Passes The Things I've Done and the Book I'm Reading

After a freaking long time since my last post (oh yes, I had to mention that!), and some of the feedback I've got on the subject (the annoying people), I finally sit down again to write and mumble and share my musing. As a matter of fact, today I FINALLY went to Dragonfly's cubbie to pivk up a lovely-lovely souvenir pouch she brought me from her trip to Puerto Rico. Well, I'm head-over-heels for it! Post-its, pen (with black ink!) and a green little sum-sum... it's plain PUUUUUUURFECT! We also took the chance to recap on several things, talk about a certain immature, Bitter-B who rants like a child and can't get through her thick skull that certain things she does to "keep her turf" only make her look stupid and causes more damage than... well, causes no benefit, but it sure causes damage. Truly, the sheer number of stupid people.... and the stupidities they come up with! If I've got a dollar ... if I've got a penny for each time I had to witness or endure stupidity, I could buy a country and get back enough change to annex a few minor islands too.

Also learned that she moved from her old cubbie to a new one, but not for long as they are moving - again - to yet another district. I'm sad because that means that Dragonfly will be once again far away, BUT now I've a car, and hopefully will be taking it to work soon, so I could meet up with her more frequently. On the other hand, her whole division moving out to another building, kinda puts in evidence (for those willing to see) the huge mistake the acquiring of the current building was. Then again, you gara take some of the 1300 people you crammed into a 600 people building before teh structure collapses, right?

While talking to her, I mentioned that she hasn't blogged in quite a while. Says me, who also stopped blogging for some weeks. This is how I decided that it was time to shut my pie hole and do something about it. Thus I blog.

In the past days I finished the book on philosophy I was reading, but haven't got around to write to my father-in-law about it, which I would really like to do. As a matter of fact, I've been lagging terribly with my letters, piling up my adorable penpals in a waiting line suitable for a Public Service Office, while I juggle with either a down mood - have had a few of those - or the gigamontic amount of work that suddenly lands on my hands at the office, and even lately the craptacular amount of work related to the thesis my mate and I have to tackle thanks to the latest observations of our second lector. That, ladies and gentlemen, is one fucking big animal to tackle. After checking them over (some 107 observations, from which 37 are "major" and 2 are "cardinal") my mate and I sat in a sweat-boot in a local BK looking at each other and asking "do you think he read this part?" and "fuck, what the hell do you think he means?". There were also a few observations that were down right outrageous, which I won't even repeat, but were of the kind that dumbstrike you and after being launched and landed you stay paralized, eyes wide open and thinking "Totto, I've the feeling we're not in Kansas anymore".

It has been raining like it's the end of the world, which brings me to that latest "end of the world" crap. Dude, aren't all those uneducated "sheppards" tired of pulling out the same old stupid stunt? Since I remember we have been having "end of the world"s at leasts every 5 years, but right now the rate of them has boomed! Every month we have a new end of the year, and people are actually waiting for 2012, just like they did for 2000 for "the end of the world" only to wake up the next day with a huge MORON sign on their foreheads. But do you know how the end of the world will look like? Well, with climate change, widening of socio-economical gaps, and the spread of different illnesses as well as all sorts of wars, population will start to diminish. The planet will heat up, resources will disappear GRADUALLY, less and less people will be born, less even live until all life dies. Millions of years later this planet, turned into a dry rock, like the heart of those motherfucking preechers, will hit something and explode. The End. So rapture? Look me in the eye and tell me who the FUCK is worthy of being raptured?

However, our current end of the worldy rains and storms have been cutting the power more often than not, forcing me to light up all the candles I can put my hands on, just to read.Yes, those on the picture are 8 - count them, 8 - candles lit, but those are not all. There were 4-5 more lit in my room, just to have enough light... for reading. So, work on the thesis? Not so easy, sure I would if I could light up my laptop with a candle, or power it on gas, but no. Battery does work, but I wouldn't trust myself to watch the 2 hour time window it gives me, and losing my work because the battery died on me is not acceptable. However it has been done. We are back at doing legwork, tapping some sources, hitting the library for more backbone and trying to better fit our baby.

So there was that, but for everybody's ease of mind, my mate and I are working really hard on the matter, even if at times it's disheartening, but we are not giving up! We're so, so close to our goal and we're gonna make it!

So, yes, there's that.

The new book I'm reading is "Women in Love" by D.H. Lawrence. Yes, you know me. No self respecting fan of Anaïs Nin would leave without reading the books of her favorites, of the ones she has inspired and have inspired her as well. Thus Henry Miller and D.H. Lawrence. (I have the distinct feeling of having written about this...) Miller is, awesome, though for Nin lovers I strongly recommend to read his books - as far as possible - timed up with her journals. This gives far more meaning to the text, explains it better, and allows you to find the vein of the writing more easily. Just like "House of Incest", of Nin, the poem in the light of the journal becomes an "aha!" experience. With Lawrence, on the other hand, her unprofessional study, as she named it, gives you her very personal vision, quite submerged in her own self. The study is rather a "Ninization" of Lawrence, than a study of it. Rich and wonderful, where you keep finding her need and attraction towards servitude and punishing humbling - marks probably bore after her childhood and her relationship with her father.

This particular edition has the crapiest introduction ever, so if you pick up this copy of the book, don't read the introduction first, read it after if you'd like, and prepare to be confronted with a man who lashes bitterness and will tell you just how bad the book is and how crappy the writer is. But is Lawrence that way? I'm still quite in the begining of the book, few chapters into the story, and what I can tell you is that he seems ambiguous, keeps you on your toes and showers you with flawed characters. Not flawed in their construction, though it's early for me to judge their building, but rather humanized characters, all of them with visible flaws. Love is vanished off the scene, hatred is the primadonna of the show with strange, heated discussions, shock and losing of patience, which are all fun to witness.

Pornographic? He has been labeled so. Maybe when he published the book, his constant drawing attention to genders in biology, the stopping to describe male and female flowers being drawned by children, was indeed considered pornographic, but today that's Discovery Channel, and nobody would think that Discovery Channel and Playboy Channel are one and the same thing.

The book has yet another interesting feature: the mean characters are actually treated like secondary characters, devoting tremendous amounts of attention to just about any other thing around them, but them. Well, we shall see what comes up from that too.

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