Nov 3, 2011

Deep Consideration

Though I need the income my job provides me, and I love my boss very much (he ranks 2nd, nose-to-nose with the best boss of all times I have ever had), certain things make me consider quitting as soon as possible. One of those is poor, poor, POOR! redaction skills. I'm tired of the looping message in my head that says "This person should die and come back as what it's thinking skills belong: a mushroom", however when struggling my way through extensive poorly written crap, I'm growing worried that so much disconnected, irrational, no-sense-making shit might affect my own thinking and logical skills. What if this typing-with-no-idea-whatsoever-you-are-writing, maybe even the dreaded copy-and-paste-to-make-volume-no-one-reads-anyway style is contagious? What if after so much exposure my own rationalizing and logical-thinking capabilities get handycapped? What's better "employed but brain dead" or "unemployed but thought capable"? I'm strongly leaning towards the option #2.


Sartassa said...

you know what? I quit two weeks ago (even though I might not be able to work (for money) in the states) and it felt as if there was a heavy weight lifted from both, my mind and my heart :D If this opportunity regarding the states didn't come along, who knows how long I might have stayed there, stuck in a place where improving my career almost seemed impossible. Now I can move on. Still it wasn't a decision that was easy to make. I almost cried as I signed the paper, repeatedly telling my boss how sorry I am and I felt like the biggest coward in the world.

Storm Bunny said...

My Dear Trish!

I know how you feel, trust me. Before I came to work to this company (eight years ago) I used to work at a bank. In my last position at the bank I had less-than-nice bosses, who loooooved to debase us and make us feel miserable. For real. Over worked, put in the spot for things we didn't even do (or ignored) without being given the chance to defend ourselves. Yelled at, terrorized... it was a nightmare. (Once I was accused of not being productive, and a week later I've got the "employee of the month for record productiveness" award).

It was a no-future job, terrible and when I had to resign because I was given a job at my current company, I cried like a baby! In front of the bad boss! I remember I was sobbing telling him "I don't want to resign! I don't want to go!"

You are not a dummy, you are a nice person and that's why you feel sad. It also means that in your heart you are able to still keep all the good you've learned.

However it's time to look forward to the future and take this unique chance to improve, find yourself and give yourself the chance to get an even better job!

Sartassa said...

I didn't know you went through the same. It's weird isn't it? I remember seeing something similar on How I Met Your Mother the other day. As soon as one decides to break up with the other this person immediately doesn't seem so terrible and you want to stay with him/her. Haha, guess it's the same with an employee - boss relationship :D