Nov 1, 2011

To Aileen

Hi Aileen!

Sorry I have not replied to you, but I've this stupid page blocking thing at the office, and lately I get home to do something other than getting on the net. Got your messages, but so far haven't gotten your letter. :-( But worry not, this is Costa Rica, and the Postal Service is really poor. I'll go this week to check up on them and threaten them some, to let go of your letter. Question, if you sent me a letter, does it mean you've got mine? Hope you did. ^_^

Thanks for the messages and thanks ahead for the letter! :-)

Love You!


Unknown said...

Yes, I got your letter! I enjoyed reading it and I wrote back about a month ago. If mine doesn't turn up soon, let me know your email address via Interpals and I'll send you the scanned copy. (Although there were a couple of little things with it that can't be emailed...darn.) Hope it's safe and not eaten by mutated Costa Rican/Malaysian postal critters :P Keep in touch!

Lots of hugs,

Storm Bunny said...

Letter received! ^_^