Oct 31, 2011

Blessed Samhain!

And finally this is my favorite holiday of the year: Halloween is here! ^_^ I've carved my pumpkin, baked my pumpkin pie, picked up some Halloween decoration (cauldrons and jack-o-lanterns), put out my plastic glow-in-the-dark ghost, wore my Halloween sweater (orange with coal stripes) and put candy on a round CD holder's top for the kids of the office. Completed the whole thing with listening to Witches BrewHaHa Halloween Special (WBHHfm), sent out greetings on the social networks and sms. The usual drill.

Truth to be told, I haven't prepared anything particularly for Samhain, even though it is the major Pagan Celebration - from what I gather. Alix was supposed to come up with something, but I haven't received as much as a peep about whether something will be done, shall I bring something, where, when and how will be done and so. If nothing, I was thinking anyways to make a small meditation ritual, the same way I did it for Mabon. (And right now Alix sent me an e-mail telling me she's out buying the stuff for Samhain.)

This celebration marks the Third Harvest of the year, your last bounty and starts the period of meditation, introspection, peace and poundering. Here you gather up and prepare to live from what you have earned. The darkest part of the year starts, which for me means the most stable, as night is usually quite similar through it's all its extent, showing none of the regular changes daytime naturally display. This is a great moment to gather your harvest, the last fruits of your labor and think about what you have accomplished, the meaning of it, and look forward to live from it. If your work's harvest has been good, and you can truly appreciate it, your time of peace and meditation - your winter - will be pleasant, but if your work hasn't been as good as it could have been, or you have neglected to properly appreciate your harvest, what you have accomplished, you will spend a bitter winter.

Many are prone to undervalue their job and their effort, and nothing they do seems good enough. Other on the other hand, seek to escape work and rather live out of what they can snitch from others. What last harvest do they have, when the harvest comes only from your own fields? How a winter will be spent when you sneer at your labor's result or if there's no harvest to live on, for you have left your fields plain and instead lived out of what you could steal from the fields of others, scavenging like carrion creatures.

This celebration is a good moment to take a moment and give ourselves a few slaps on the back, smile and make determinations about what would we want to achieve for the next year and the next Harvest.

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Unknown said...

Hey Sue,

Happy Halloween!

I sent you a reply to your letter weeks ago. Just wondering if you got it and if there's another way of contacting you other than Interpals, like email or something.

Take care and write when you can.