Oct 18, 2011

Sudden Baseless Unattached Inspiration

The learning is in each one of us for each one of us decides the path we take towards better and further understanding. There are no mysteries hidden from the wise on this earth, none that can't be apprehended and turned around for admiring as long as the mind is set on the task and the heart open with humble attitude towards the immensity the universe and God as it. For the universe is God and God is the universe and so is anything under it, above it, next to it, inside it and in between. For there is nothing that isn't God nor there's anything that's not made of God and part of Him. And floating in the immensity of God, as the mind leaves behind the mindless struggling to possess and acknowledges that possession is nothing but a futile substanceless, matterless illusion, for we are all possessed by God and the universe as one, all belonging to Him as we are all him, the understanding becomes clear, as one part can't hold inside the whole, nor it needs to and so the knowledge yielded for the wise is precious and the persecution for more isn't fueled by an insane and greedy ambition of claiming for what falls outside the rights of the part, but as an exercise to know the boundaries of what the part can contain of the whole, as an effort to make the best of what has been given to the part, all to the honor and the glory of no other but the one and universal God.

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