Oct 5, 2011

What's in your Head

Let's not make this about self-help. I'm not a self-help person. Do I ever struck you as a self-help kind of person? Right. Let's not do it either about yet another post ranting about what a piece of motherfucker someone is. By now we all know I happen to be surrounded by motherfuckers that can't differenciate between their mouths and their asses, and usually connect their dysfunctional brains directly to their rectum. FTTA. Fiber to the ass.

There is a positive thing about being surrounded by assholes, and that is that you get to appreciate even better the handful of wonderful, thought-capable people that have been put in your path.

So this time the thing is about "speaking out".

As it happens, when you are tangled on the social networks, a lot of crap is pushed at you. Whether you want it or not, you are witness to the conversations of your friends, and also have a front row seat to the awkward moments when they feel they must "produce" and look "important", resourcing thus usually to common places or quotes. It raises my eyebrows... in the best of cases, particularly because a lot of them are not well thought through. Sure, Sheldon quotes are fun, but do you make noise about freedom of expression only to flaunt the fact that you have nothing to say, but instead decide to say what other people said before. Nice.

From time to time you happen on an original thought, typed down from brain to fingers, and you connect. Aha! That's it. Not always, but happen. Then, it happens that you type down something that you haven't ripped off a quote site, but something that comes directly to you, like ranting somewhere about someone, or just about a situation in general. Yes, it happens. It happens that you keep being nice to someone and decide to keep things on the veneer as they were so far, but you are so fed up with that person, you've decided that you are going to let them go. You are fed up with the stupid lies, you are fed up with the peti little dramas, with the games of envy and whining, putting up faces through which you can see clear as day. It happens that you are getting tired of the regularly scheduled load of crap, and so you blow out some steam, and the steam catches the person, and they actually feel offended about it. Yes, it happens.

So, this time, plain and simple, I want to state that though you shall never forget you are accountable from what comes out of your mouth, bitching about freedom of expression only to abuse the right saying only what pleases others is hypocritical. The world won't end because you dare to say "I hate this person", nor will hunger strike the planet because you dare to say "dude, you are wrong, and this is what's right".

It wouldn't be right to say that you shall only defend and advocate for the rights you would use, as I advocate for same sex marriage, but I won't marry a woman or anyone for that matter. But if you advocate for something, use your head, be consistent, and don't go advocating for freedom of speach when you can't take the truth from others nor you have the guts to dish it out.

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