Oct 27, 2011

Early Morning Grandiose Ideas

I actually had two topics for e-mail posting, but as usual, by the time I've got in front of the computer, I forgot one of those and the other one doesn't seem so great anymore. Has that happened to you? So I sat here, staring at the blank e-mail thinking "so where was I going with this?". It's actually funny how these "bouts of inspiration" come to us at a moment when we are mentally "out of it", as if in a dry drunk state (dry because there's no alcohol to blame on our Genius Stupidity) and there we are, half way between the world of the sleeping and the awake, drifting in the semi-darkness of ungodly early morning, working fully on auto-pilot, dragging ourselves out of the devilishly tempting warm covers and soft pillows into the uninviting chill and activity, our mind willing to work only to make up excuses to stay "five more minutes" with excuses like "five more minutes won't make us late" and "I've everything prepared, I can really get ready in ten minutes", "I can take the highway and really step into it" to "I'm already late, so what difference does it make?" and "I can always blame it on the traffic". By the time we manage to pry ourselves from bed - assuming isn't late and we are running on alarm velocity - the brain again goes off to slumber while the body drags itself to the shower, and like a recording loop the only thing to be heard up there is "we want coffee". However, from time to time, a neurone or two stir up and the brilliant ideas spark up. In a "brain isn't in session now" state, these ideas usually go on the line of "let's blog about how nice it is to shower with purple shower gel!" or "you know what would be a great birthday present? A matchbox covered with beads!". Rationally you would laugh at the idea or dismiss it even before it surfaced, but at that early time of day, when no self-respecting sense of rationality and reason would be up (only chaotic dreams and emergency instincts are allowed to function), these unfiltered ideas break through and pin the note on your bulletin board "I've a great topic idea about purple shower gel!".

Little by little your functional brain wakes up - hopefully before you ignite your car and put it in gear - and there's this fancy little note stuck there "I've a great topic idea about purple shower gel!".You sigh relieved because there is a topic for the day and you don't have to worry about it, so you go about your day, get in motion to the office, tune in your favorite radio station or move to your selection of music, focus your effort on the work at hand, check on e-mails, read your news and then prepare to blog, call in the note... and it's nonesense! Frustrated you crumple the mental note into a tiny, tight paper ball and throw it into the waste basket. Time to think of something actually useful or let another day go by with no posts.


Sartassa said...

haha tell me about it :D yesterday I woke up in the middle of the night, feeling forced to tell my boyfriend about a story I have thought of, planning to write a book or at least a story whilst being in the states and today after reconsidering the plot, what it was all about I just went like: heard it, read it, saw it all before ... agrr.
but I like the feeling of lying in bed in the early morning being so terribly excited about the idea you had, planning things down to the tiniest detail (even though it's crap and useless)

Storm Bunny said...

Oh thanks Hyne, it isn't just me! :-D The worse thing of all this, is that you ACTUALLY thought you had such an awesome idea, and it seemed really so cool, it was going to land you a Pulitzer or even a Noble Prize, and when you think it over, fully awaken, it's soooo dumb!

It makes me berate my brain and tell it: "from now on, on the mornings the only thought allowed to you is: 'I want coffee'. You no longer get creative on me in the morning!".

Sartassa said...

haha or you start to write down these incredible ideas in the morning and don't bother to waste a single though on it the whole day until the evening (hard huh?). Then you read through what you wrote down and later decide whether to hold on or not... Ah and my "best" ideas come along in the evenings after a glass of wine like those "we should have a band" "we should have a bar" " we should celebrate new year's eve in hawaii" thingies :D (I've to admit here that some of my friends are really going to Hawaii this year)