Oct 14, 2011

The Reason I've Been Out

You probably don't wonder anymore why on the freaking earth I haven't written in a while, because after several steady months with posts on the single digit figures, me falling off on you again wouldn't be strange. Yeah, only this is due to something else. It seems the office updated the WebSense again and that means that they went back to filtering justa bout everything, which includes the blogs. It's strange because I actually have access to Twitter and Facebook, but I can't access my blog nor newspapers. Really, we go through this on every single time there's an update and it's getting old. Can't they just get it right at once? Why do they subscribe to a system that resets every single time? Or why can't they do the job properly, and have the settings done for once and just upload the updates in a seamless way? No, they have to be a pain in the freaking ass and go moron getting in everybody's way.

Sure, I could post from home, and eventually I'll do so - when I don't get home all tired out and wishing just to roll into bed with the remote, a book and a BIG mug of hot cocoa. Meanwhile, I'm back to hectic and in-and-out posting.

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