Jan 1, 2013

Kickstart a New Year

2013 wakes up nice and shiny, full of good omens and lots of dreams and plans. We received it with the same fireworks we used to say good-bye to 2012, and now we look ahead for a brand new year. For a lot of people is more of the same. It's just another day, exactly like the one before, and another year with exactly the same composition as the one before. You get one year older, you "have to go through the birthday circuit again", work continues, study continues, life as a single/married/divorced/widow person continues, and why would it be different just because we write a new number on the year box?

Well, a year can be an arbitrary measure, but it helps. We measure our life and different stages of it throught the years. Years tell you how old or how young, how expert or rookie you are. Then, every January 1st you pull out a new calendar for the wall, a new agenda or planner, and even if you do digital planners and calendars, there's a change with each year, and with that change we remind ourself that we still have the chance to make our life a much better, much enjoyable thing.

Yes, December 31st isn't the end of the world, nor the sun will start raising somewhere other than East, but the first day of the year reminds you of the time you have ahead of you, and that you can achieve things with that time. New Year Resolutions? Yes, that can be one way to go, but there are other ways too. Start a new project, decide to listen better to your inner voice, give yourself a shot at achieving what you want to achieve. It is hard? Well, most things that worth it are, but if you inch towards your goal little by little, one year you will get there.

Turn the page, start making it happen, and even if it doesn't work as expected, learn from your experience, and turn this new year one richer than 2012. It's all up to you, after all!

Blessed be!

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LJ said...

Time to set my goals for the year I think - I'm a bit behind :-)