Dec 31, 2012

A Matter of Bush

In case you may wonder, this is an EXPLICIT rated post.

So here we are, still at the beach, at my sister-in-law's family place. We were suposed to go to Manuel Antonio - a National Park and breathtaking beach - but since it's Monday it was closed. As result we decided to move the trip to tomorrow - when it will be open, and also slide our plans a little. Mine and my boyfriend's. We still have to pack for our trip, and laundry had to be done in order for us to pack. Yeah, don't ask me. We had to request for help - a.k.a. my Mom.

We still went to the beach, but to another part of it. The start was a bit late, as we woke up somewhat late (the bed was too orthopedic and it didn!t matter which way we turned, it was just freaking hard all over the place! Even while sleeping on my back my back hurt! What can I say, I'm a softy, I need feather soft, cloud light and lamb warm beds) and then still had to get some stuff bought and done. I kind of forgot taking this time to check on things, and this is how at the beach I realized that I hadn't shaved properly! To my horror, one of my legs was harrier that the other even though I obviously shaved them at the same time. I'll go see the doctor just for sure, but I've the feeling that given that I tend to wax every now and then, the wax has made it's effect on one of the legs and not the other. Oh well, we shall later see about that. The thing is that the bikini area wasn't even properly waxed! Yes, shame on me, but I had actually waxed it! I just didn't wax it enough for my swimsuit, which gives you and idea of how often I use my swimsuit.

I normally wax for my underwear, which is lowcut, mostly because I value comfort a lot and also because all in all I've a hippie soul and I like a full bush. Oh yes, the full bush! That's one of the most retrograde things today, but the truth is that the full bush is a nice thing and I love it. It doesn't look good when it pokes out of your underwear or swimsuit, which is why I trim it with wax - don't really like shaving it - but the bush itself is just as wonderful, cushy and feminine as the woman herself. Since we are going to the beach tomorrow - and probably also later in the week ^_^ - I decided to have it trimmed to size. So after the beach we went to a local store and got myself a pack of cold wax. Have I mentioned that we are at the beach? Well, for none of you to do the same mistake, please don't try to wax at the beach, unless you have a huge freeze at hand were you can do it.

It the begining it was working somewhat normally, but soon it was getting messy, melting all over the place and not doing it's job. I started at the bikini area, so as soon as it was more wax on hair than hairs on the wax, I stopped and went for the legs, assuming the thinner hairs would get out easier. Big mistake. It pulled the skin, and the hairs mostly slid out of the wax, quickly rendering a whole box useless. I got fed up and asked my boyfriend for his razor. He quickly gave me razor and shaving cream. On the legs it worked as usual, on the armpits it worked as usual. On the remaining bikini line I attempted to make? The freaking shaving cream burned like a fucking hell!

I remembered how some coworkers of mine said that nothing drove women crazier than giving them a blowjob with a Halls menthol hard candy and then blow on it. You know what? It doesn't drive you crazy, it drives you homicidal! It's not a terribly bad burn, but it is a burn and not the nice type!

The year is coming to an end, and I kept my purpose of posting every day for a whole year. New purposes now come to life - none of which I have decided yet. It wouldn't have meant much if I didn't keep this promise, but I managed and I feel good about it. Not all my posts have been brilliant, but I wrote all of them, each of them, and I didn't resource to re-post or copy, of post-cheat, not even once. I proved that I can write, that I have something to say everyday of my life, and that I might repeat my topics, but I'm consistent on my ideals, on my opinions, and I can always say something new, or at least say it in a new way.

2013 is around the corner now. I'd be already there, have I stayed in Hungary, but things didn't quite happen that way. I still have two letters to reply, so that one purpose wasn't fulfilled, but hey! I replied four out of six in record time! That gives me some credit, now does it? ^_^

My last recorded thought for 2012 in this blog is: don't wax at the beach, watch what you shave with and fuck it all, full bushes are awesome! Think about it and don't let society strip you of your status of women to turn you into a docile prepubescent girl.


Bebe Taian said...

Auuugh! No! You're supposed to do it the day before, or two days before! One, it'll be really painful and often red the same day. But you're also putting salt water in the wounds. o.o Some beach water isn't as clean as people think! Give a day or two for the open follicles to heal over, or at least for the redness to go down. Rashes are the worst!

Storm Bunny said...

Thank you for the good advise! I normally wax before shower, and then pour cold water over the waxed parts, however what you say makes more sense. I'll keep that in mind! ^_^