Dec 12, 2012

Aggh~! Not a Good Day

Sorry, today is not a good day. No biggie, really, I'm happy the reservation and the tickets for the Surprise Trip are done, and that we have transfer and all - ah! How I love hotel chains! ^_^ The things you can count on - and everything is super and dandy, BUT-

Dragonfly is the best suited to understand me right now as there's someone she and I know who's doing "the usual mambo". What's the usual mambo? Well, that's when someone is KNOWN for having a particularly annoying habit - a habit that imposes on others - and goes on exercising it. It's the case of the acquintance - because such can't be called "friend" - who calls you at any time it pleases them and expect your to patiently hear them out as they pour onto you all their petty issues, or all the gossip you are not interested in hearing, or tells you in painful and boring detail everything that happened on today's... "Who Wants To Be Millionaire?". Soma cases are more annoying than others, and this was a particularly annoying one, because the mambo was born entirely from IGNORANCE.

You know something I really hate? When someone is too stubborn to admit their mistake or their ignorance, and keep on pushing and pushing the same old stupid notion, no matter how many times you explain it. And I mean explaining as in not repeating the same explanation but actually looking for more and more approaches to the same subject. You know, the case when after a few minutes it becomes evident that it's not about "understanding", but the Ignorant looking for a way to fit the result they want to see in your calculations, even if that result isn't plausible in that frame. Something like 1+1=papayas. You get it, right?

Well, the whole process is taxing and annoying but what really upsets me, what really, really gets me angry is that once it's evident that they can't push their agenda, that they must cave in, they come back with "well, we all are here to learn". WHAT?? You've been an IGNORANT A**H*** and "we are here to learn"? And where the fuck do you think you are? This isn't a school, and I've not "teacher" label on, and if we would have known that this all is for us to "learn" then we wouldn't have fought so hard, and rather wait for knowledge to eventually sink in their thick, stupid skull.

In moments like this I hate all those popular, best seller self help books. That's the source of all that crap-talk! "Here to learn", that's rich coming from someone who had others do their homework, doesn't know ethics even if they run into it on the street, and do believe that grades are obtained by paying the right sum to the Dean.

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