Dec 17, 2012

Control your Stress

All my bad luck peaked up today, and I hope it's going to fall back and down and turn around and become good luck from now on. I woke up dreading the office and feeling already upset, so I tried to concentrate on positive thoughts. However, on my way to the office I've got hit by a bus from behind. It was the bus' fault, and thanks the Good Lord there wasn't any big damage done. My tail lights' covering plastic thingies got busted and my trunk now actually fits tighter. However I've got all sad and teary eyed, so the bus drived actually tried to talk me into believing it was my fault. Yeah, because it was my fault he wouldn't slow down. Anyway, I was thinking about getting to the office in time, so since there was no major damage we decided not to pursue things further and we left. Yes, I know, I shouldn't have, but I was so upset, and the accident brought back all the stress I had successfully pushed back in the morning, that I wasn't going to stay there for an hour and bawl like a baby.

So, I've got to the office, but I could feel that I was going to burst in tears anytime, so - knowing myself well, after the cases of anxiety attacks I've suffered years ago - I rushed to the work doc's and got an appointment with him to get fixed. Yes, I mean "that" by fixed, thank you. Can't afford not working, for there are a lot of things to be done. When I've got called for my appointment (you first gara make a line to get an appointment, because for over 1000 workers we only have one doctor who works only half a day), the nurse took me through the procedure taking my blood pressure and asking me why was I there. My pressure was high - and for someone with a naturally low pressure, it was REALLY high - and it scared me. I actually asked the nurse to take my pressure again, because it had to be wrong, but she refused, saying that it was still ok. Then, when I told her that I was stressed out - and nearly choked with speaking, getting teary - she actually had the nerve to tell me: "Well, you can't continue like that, you have to take control of yourself". I was flabbergasted! So you are stressed out - because it happens - and you are anxious because the world around you is a chaos, you are in the place where you currently hate the most to be, fearing whatever may come from the crazy above, and you have to "take control of yourself"? What's next? Telling someone who broke his leg to walk it off?

If you have had anxiety attacks in the past, you know well that getting over them isn't as easy as butching up after you broke your nail or you fell on your face. And if you have had a couple - as sadly I had - then you also learn to recognize the symptoms, do not underestimate them and act quick on them. Anyway that's me making sure not to go bonkers in the less fit of places, and run to keep the kraken under control, and there comes someone who should know better and tells you to "learn to suck it up". Is this the kind of professionals we are getting today? It seems so.

The doc was much nicer and much more aware of the situation (he actually read my file before passing judgment), listened to me patiently, made the right questions and refered me to professional help, and wrote me a recipe for little helpers.

I know there are cases were people make a storm in a glass of water, but a professional in health should know better than avising self-restrain when what's in order is professional help. You know, they make happy pills, ups and downers for a reason.

Ah, the jerk!


LJ said...

What a disgraceful excuse for a nurse!!! I hope you have a better day tomorrow - sending big hugs to start your day the right way :o)

Storm Bunny said...

Thank you LJ! Yes, thank you, I'm much better today. I'm blessed to have very supporting friends and family who are helping me keep it together.

Regarding the nurse, I'm just as outraged as you are. She's supposed to be a health professional, and that sort of attitude is less than professional in my opinion. Sadly that sort of attitude is quite common. My dad nearly died when he got a peritonitis because when it was still appendicitis a doctor sent him home telling him that he had nothing and all he wanted to do was to get an excuse not to go to work. Thanks to that, instead of missing a week of work, he had to miss three months.

LJ said...

It's a shame that there are such good health professionals out there and yet they get a bad name from people like these. Glad you're feeling a lot better today :o)

Julie said...

Oh wow, great advice there. Yes, didn't you know that you just had to press your "BE OK RIGHT NOW" button in order to get better? Silly Sue.

I've had anxiety attacks in the past and they're just AWFUL! Thankfully, they're almost gone now and they're much smaller when I do have them, but I can definitely relate.

Storm Bunny said...

Of course! Oh Gash, dumb me. What's with looking for professional help when all you need to do is get a hold over yourself and stop the nonsense!

I've heard that anxiety attacks never really go away entirely - sure, they can diminish and get less and less frequent - so once you have experienced it, it's important to learn your symptoms and act as soon as they appear. That's how you handle them and minimize the impact. Being aware and acting in time is what can get you back to a normal, healthy life, not pretending you are stronger than you really are, and ignoring the problem.

Thank you so much for your support!

Julie said...

You're welcome, dear!

You know, I got help a few years ago and talked to a therapist (while I was actually studying to become a therapist myself) and since then the anxiety has been much much reduced. The panic attacks are probably 100 times easier now, so there's hope!

But you're right, now I can feel the anxiety creeping up beforehand, so I know what I have to do in order to take care of myself before I completely freak out. And that's a huge relief.

Hopefully you can get the help you need as well! xox