Dec 21, 2012

Blessed Yule!

Well, aren't you lucky! ^_^ Sorry, my head had been in a different place entirely (and I was seriously upset about this whole "environmental crap" I wrote about, so I had to get that of my system), and so I entirely forgot about my celebratory blogpost! So now, as time allows it, I'll post a shorter post about the subject.

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Tonight we celebrate Yule, an ancient, Pagan festival where we conmemorate the birth of the God Sun. The powers shift now, and the Night that has been growing larger and larger each day, promting us to quiet and meditation, reaches today it's longest reign and then will start to recoil back, slowly giving space to more daylight time. After having harvested the fruits of our labour, and saved for the future, we have retired to meditate, to evaluate out progress through the year, and tonight is the night where we draw our conclusions. What have we learned from 2012 and what lessons will we carry on towards 2013, with which we will expect to make the next year even better than this one?

The message of Yule has been also taken by Christmas - though not in the current heavily commercial message - where we make reference to a night of peace and hope. The night might be long and bleak, and we might feel tempted to sink under the weight of our overinflated shortcomings. We didn't learn a new language, didn't lose weight, didn't get a (new) job, didn't find a significant other, didn't start a family, didn't get married, didn't get a promotion, didn't quit drinking/smoking/other... but this night is the last long night, and indeed a new cycle begins, a new year and a new chance. Allow yourself to remember and celebrate your success and learn from your mistakes. Don't sweep them under the rug, nor ignore any of them! Treasure those hits and study what did you do that made them come out right. Then study your shortcomings and find out what went wrong, so this way you'll not only know what to avoid (what provoked the mistakes), but also what to do (what helped the hits).

Most likely you are not Pagan, but that's okay. Consider taking a few moments today to celebrate a personal Yule, a moment of peace, meditation and hope. Pour yourself a glass of wine, or do some mulled wine or cider, put on some Christmas scented oil, or apple-cinnamon, maybe gingerbread cookie scent (or bake gingerbread cookies!), or pine scent, and curl up in a comfy chair or wherever you like and think about how wonderful 2012 has been. Don't miss out the little joys that came along the way, and always remember that the bad things may be heavy and many, but that's because all bad things go as fast as they come - that's why you need so many of them to notice them - but the good things take time, arrive slower into your life, and last forever. :-D

Blessed Be!

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