Dec 23, 2012

Yoga and Progress

Chaturanga. Googled pic from
Today we had the last yoga class of the year. I've been practicing yoga nor for about a year and a half, with six months in there practicing by myself - a.k.a. slacking a lot and doing the things I kind of do best. Truth to be told, I was better at yoga before I went to Hungary than now, as back then I was kind of able to do the chaturanga, and now I simply flap stomach down on the floor when we do it. It's amazong how many positions in yoga look so simple and yet they are so hard to accomplish, while others that look like you are going to twist your body out of its axis are actually quite simple and fun. ^_^ you learn a lot of your body, and while you perform the different asanas, you start noticing by yourself your own progress. I still can do the plow and the karnapidasana, which is quite an accomplishment, for when I started I could do neither.

Karnapidasana. Googled.

Plow. Googled.
Today, however, I found out that I could reach easier the floor with my fingers in ... I forgot the name, but that postion where you are standing, legs straight and you let your chest and head hang. So here I was thinking that my yoga had gotten stuck, I was getting frustrated because I went every week and I felt myself reverse in progress and here today my body surprises me with fingers touching the ground!

You know, life is just like that. Take this year and think for a moment about what have you accomplished. Sure there are a lot of good and awesome things: got a promotion, got a new job, or just got a job! Maybe 2012 was the year where you said: "Fuck it all, I won't stress myself anymore at a job, I'll leave as God intended men to live: freely!" And now you enjoy a much simpler life free from all the material shackles the rest of us carry around. If so, let me congratulate you, because I wish I could do that too. Maybe you lost weight, you've got fit, you finally have a special someone in your life or you just managed to fix a relationship that was going all wrong. Or maybe this year you finally broke away from the shackles of relationships and you are living every juicy second of your existence in absolute, unquestionable freedom, and everything you do and decide in your life depends only on you.

Let's concentrate there, let's take a moment to savour or successes!

But maybe when we take review of 2012 the first thing we see are the bad things. Lost our job, are stuck with a terrible job, are stuck in our studies, our lovelife is less than satisfying to our personal standards, we are not happy with ourselves, had no time for us or to enjoy life, have no friends or the "friends" we have can't be really be called so... If that's the case, it's okay. Normally you think first about whatever is more recent or holding your attention right now, and that's okay, as long as we know that our success isn't for us to live of it forever, and our fails are simply red flags about where should we be working.

However, as we reach the end of the year, let take notice of our own changes. Just like the body gets more flexible with yoga over time without you noticing, your life is also molding you. Are you now more resistant to bad critics? Have you learned how to do your job better? Have you learned new ways to get what you want? Have you learned to make a difference between what you want and what you need? Have you met new people? Have you manage to identify people who isn't good for you? Have you broke up your contact with them?

Surprise yourself, check what have you learned, and you will find a much better prepared, a much more experienced You facing this new year and ready to make it count.

Love you, People! ^_^

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