Dec 16, 2012

Wiccan Encounter & Friends

Today I went for the first time in my life to a Wiccan Encounter, and it was rather interesting in a positive way. I had logged this activity in my calendar for quite a while now (and I actually have another one booked for February), so I was quite excited with the idea of going. This was my first chance ever to meet real Wiccans in the flesh and get to know them a little better, get more in contact with the religion and learn from it. There was a talk planned about Chamanism and Wicca, which had really picked my curiosity. However, as bonus, I was also going to meet with two very dear friends of mine, as you know, Marcy and Mary Elle. I actually met Marcy with the nickname "Misao", but then I named her Arthemys because that name seemed to resonate better with her in my eyes, so I'll call ger Arthemys from now on. Mary Elle I met as Orion, so Orion she shall be, though she honestly strikes me more like an Athenea. Nah, I'll call her Athenea.

Well, The first thing was getting to the place of the meeting, which wasn't so easy for me. The Gathering was held at an old house that now works as a juggler school. The walls were pained in funky colors and in the yard, where the gathering was held, there was this crazy graffiti in neon colors and juggler motives. There were a few trapezes and colorful yards of fabric for the kind of airy juggling people do in them.

The Gathering was all simple and natural, in a very inclusive environment. I admit that I do was a little aside from the group as I was waiting for my friends to arrive, but the group quickly made me feel at home, and I was soon talking to a really nice and sweet guy about burning coals and resines. He had this lovely tiny little handmade burning bowl in which he set a coal to burn copal, a type of aromatic resine used back in the day by the Mayans. No, it has no hallucinogen  properties. It did had an interesting scent, like burning pine leaves and a bit of sandalwood at the same time. It's hard to get, and very sticky, so I'll consider getting it. I questioned him thoroughly about the places where you can get good burning supplies, such as resines and coals, and in addition to it, he also gave me a very good tip for fighting mosquitoes. ^_~

My friend Arthemys, to my pleasant surprise, was actually one of the main expositors of the gathering, explaining quite thoroughly Wiccan. A lady I met that day, Sally, took charge of the part about Chamanism.

We had also some yoga, some belly dancing, and then some meditation with creative visualization. In this last one we were supposed to see flowers growing from different parts of our bodies. They were supposed to have all the same color, but my flowers refused and instead choose to bloom in purple, red, white and blue, and they were all some kind of fleshy-petal flowers. Lilies, tulips and jasmines.

After the gathering the girls and I went to this Chinese Restaurant close by, and ate some awesome stuff, many of which were some type of Dim Sum. I like Dim Sum! We talked at leght, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well behaved Arthemys' son was. Also, for a 6 year old boy he showed and incredible talent for art. While we talked he drew an amazing drawing on a napking, and I could barely believe what I was looking at. His lines were sure and purposeful and the drawing itself was... just amazing. Abstract but with very much sense.

I loved spending time with them, and I loved seeing how much Athenea and Arthemys love each other. They truly behave as sisters. This warmed my heart because I love Arthemys deeply, and I never understood why the rest of our group didn't love her as much as I did. Our old group looked at her as a problematic crazy person, but Athenea looks at her as to a lovable person who makes wonderful things every step of the way. That was just beautiful. I hope I can keep meeting with them.

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