Dec 9, 2012

Planner Issues and Sudden Inspiration

Witches Calendar 2013 by Llewellyn
Originally I planned on writing about the filofax, but though I have the thoughts and the ideas I want to develop, every time I try to write about it, it just doesn't come out right. I had some ideas about what I wanted to do, but as the rings had a capacity I soon maxed, I had to go on redesigning my original - and absolutely perfect! - conception. Now I have new ideas and new wishes and so I'm thinking about what to do to make them happen. For instance this year I tried out for the first time the Witches Datebook by Llewellyn, which worked very much inspirational, and since it includes colors for each day, it can help you for when you have no idea what to wear for the next day at the office. :-)

I have already the 2013, along with the Calendar, but they don't fit the size of my personal filofax, so I'll be once again using them both - not to mention thatr pulling a "Witches Datebook" may not be the smartest move at the office - even though everybody knows I'm weird. However an inspirational section - be it Pagan, Yoga, Christian or Muslim (as long as it respects the human being and nature, I love any inspirational quotes and messages you have to offer) - could be really nice in a filofax. So, copy and reduce a month at the time and insert it? It could work, if I find a place where I can get the reductions well aligned and in the right size. Now, THAT's the tricky part. Or should I make my scanner pull its weight and make it happen?

Hm, decisions, decisions. I mean, I even came around with a solution for the dividers by coincidence! I still have to put my cutter to good use, but if this work I'll be a ver, VERY happy camper! ^_^ Isn't it nice that's still December and I have time to mix-match and experiment until it becomes perfect for 2013. ^_^ I think I'll add a filofax video to the world. :-)

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Bebe Taian said...

Plenty of good poetry here:

Rumi is also a wonderful poet. I'm pressed to find a book with side-by-side translations from Farsi into English, though.

I didn't want to suggest anything in particular, since only you will know your tastes best. If nothing else, you might discover some new works that you love!