Dec 13, 2012

No Time...

The Beautiful, Smart, Sweet and Quirky Penpal Queen and Bloggerine Extraordinaire Julie celebrated her birthday yesterday. She had a simple request, which she placed three weeks ago, and I couldn't honor it. :-( I wanted to but then couldn't: there was simply no time for it, not to mention my current Letter-Jam (okay, more like a letter-deadlock). So I thought to at least send her a little message, an e-mail, a post on her wall or something and guess what? I could hardly even post! It was really upsetting. Add to all of it, yesterday was truly a nightmare and all for what anyone could forsee for the begining: it all got exactly nowhere. It was just like working on a Dilbert cartoon.

So, belated and while I find the time to write, this is for you, my friend:

... and may we celebrate a million birthdays more ^_^.


Julie said...

Awww, you're so sweet! A whole blog post just for me! And full of colorful sugar at that :D yay!

I'm sorry that you had such a horrible day on my birthday though. 12-12-12 should have been a wonderful day for everyone!

I wrote you a very short holiday card today. This is kind of an experiment to see if mail from Québec can actually reach your P.O. Box once in a while! :P I didn't write a long message since my Halloween card still hasn't arrived... But please let me know if this one makes it! I really hope it does!


Storm Bunny said...

I searched for the prettiest cake I could find for you! However, don't feel bad about 12-12-12, as 12-17-12 was the worse day of the year. Besides, all good luck an good energy was concentrated con you, Honey!