Dec 10, 2012

Global Slacking and Rushing

This Monday started with the thought: "two more weeks". Of course, this week my boyfriend comes to say with us for a month and a half. Yay! He also discovered that I'm planning a surprise trip, but hasn't found out the destination. Good thing that, because since yesterday my bank's page has been down, and I need to get some stuff fixed to get all the purchases and reservations done. If not, then I'll have to be really flexible and do the legwork - literally to get things done, and keep me fingers crossed that prices won't skyrocket in a few hours. ^_^ Yay! If this works out I'll be a very, very happy camper!

At the office things have been working out really smooth, which is interesting because we are in the closing weeks of the year, and there's only 2 weeks to get things done and finished for 2012. I imagine most of you have the same situation ^_^. It's kind of interesting how it seems to be a global tendency towards slacking-and-rushing. Yes, there are seasonal matters, like people buy more in December - in Christian countries, or whatever country where Christmas has caught on, and then around certain holidays in which people are compelled to either buy more than usually, or travel more than usuall, BUT there's a sort of tendency globally - no matter the religion! - to rush on the last month of the year in order to catch up with everything that has been lagging behind the previous eleven months.

The funny thing about this global slacking-and-rushing is that it drags you in. It doesn't matter at all how organized you are, what system you use - paper, digital, several planners, one big planner, super detailed or all in headlines - the global lagging catches you in. In many things you may not feel that effect, but when your work, projects or studies depend totally or partially of other people, their slacking and lagging forces you also to delay your work and then, you end up adding up and joining the Big Rushing.

The Big Rushing made me think about other stuff of life, where we make plans and then comes The Planet and woohoos on it. So what can we do? Well, first of all it's important to remember that it is okay that things don't go exactly as we expected them to go. Just because your big plans got crossed over, it doesn't mean that the world has come to an end, unless the world does come to an end, but then nobody would care because we're all going to die and get permanently sorted in Hellies and Heavenies. But seriously, perhaps the most important thing you can do when you are making plans is to prepare ahead and make a contingency plan, or a B Plan... or a couple of them, like a C Plan and D Plan too... though a D Plan might be too much.

Things happen all the time, so it also helps if you can make a flexible plan that allows you to adjust as you go on to the circumstances of the moment. That's also a good idea. It's like filling your planner with pencil or an erasable pen, so you can change them when they need to be changed, moved when they need to be moved and go on. ^_^

Global slacking and rushing isn't a reason to kick up all your planning, it's a reason to improve your planning, so that you don't add extra rushing because you also haven't been pulling your share.

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