Dec 27, 2012

Got A Present From Mexico!

Yay! ^_^ My Secret Santa from the Book Swapping Club was the lovely Dee Scissorhands! And my Goodness, was she grand! I've got TWO books instead of ONE! TWO AWESOME BOOKS! ^_^Well, with this I can just cross out one of my tasks from the List of 13: "Pick a Great Book to Read". Well, that will be... The Scarlet Letter + Hunger Games! ^_^ Okay, one... let's go Classic: The Scarlet Letter, but I'll read the Hunger Games too! Right after or before! It doesn't matter! Yay! Books!

I've also got a lovely letter and postcards from Mexico. One's a composite picture of different locations in Chiapas, the other is a picture of sailing at Playa del Carmen, and the last one is a super-cool, 3D postcard with a Mayan Calendar. The one that applied to the era that ended now with the "end of the world". I guess I'll have to wait for the next calendar now. It must be really interesting to study these ancient American cultures, and get to understand their symbols and messages, because I look at this picture and all I see is a stone disc with embossed designs. I couldn't tell you were it starts, where it ends or how on Earth do you know it meant for the Era to end on the dawn of 2012's Yule.

Days are peaceful now. There's no more rush about Christmas or presents, our only thoughts are about our upcoming trip to Cuba and that's it. For New Year? No plans, really. Maybe we'll stay home with a bottle of good champagne, or maybe we'll visit friends... no rush there either! Not the first New Year we spend together at home, though admitedly, since it's our Aniversary too, we tend to spend it abroad. :-D Wait, do we? Suddenly I can't remember how many years I've been with my boyfriend. A lot, I guess. Oh well, not like he's going anywhere, so why count the years, right? It's not like it's a prison sentence and I'm calculating how many years more I have to "endure" to gain freedom! ^_^ That's the attitude of "sentenced for life without parole". Yes, I know, I make relationships sound like the worse thing that could ever happen to you. In some cases it is.

I was going to pack my trusty Kindle for my trip to Cuba, but I think I'll rather go with one of my new books. Yay! I'm so excited!!! ^_^ Can you tell? Everything is just so awesome, the days ahead look so wonderful... Numerologically speaking 2013 will be a "6" type of year for me. What does that mean? I don't know, but it sure looks like AWESOME and HAPPY! ^_^

Isn't life lately just great! ^_^ Happy rest of the day for all!

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