Dec 25, 2012

Organizing Christmas

It has been a while since I haven't been able to sleep in Christmas, and this year it was one of those few times. I was tired alright, but emotion was overriding everything. I've got an organizing system with 60 small drawers for my beads and jewelry supplies, so I woke up early to get them on the shelves - for which I had to unload and rearrange three shelves for! - and start putting all my beads and supplies into it, but since I woke up earlier than all others at home, I rather sneaked out of the bedroom to get ahead with my letter writing. It's amazing how this time my head was clear and thanks to this both the pen and the paper were just perfect, even when the same paper and the same pen were less than perfect a few weeks ago.

Once my boyfriend woke up I rushed into the room to play with my bead organizer. It was so good to move things around a little and then get rid of all the old baby food jars and pouring the beads in their new containers. BTW, 60 drawers aren't enough, so I had to start cutting cardboard to separate the drawers in two. (They are originally designed to get a plastic divider, but you can't get the dividers.) I had these jars in a plastic box (which now houses fabrics for my sewing project), and then another similar box was full of bags with odd beads and loose beads here and there. This actually held my treasures, with beads I've got in Hungary and wasn't able to get here, as well as all the beads my friend Roo sends me from the U.S., however this box was my nightmare box too, as there was such a mess in it I could never find a thing in it.

Once I started untangling my beads and supplies, and opening all the jars, I started realizing all the types of beads I had stashed in my boxes. Ideas for jewelry just poured in my brain, things I haven't thought of before. Now, as they are all basically in display, I hope to work better and be able to do more jewelry.

That excitement you get at times, that were you feel like a kid on Christmas morning is something to grab and live. Yes, things can wait, but that burts of energy at any moment of your day, your month, your year, your life, gets you going, and gets you going miles. Lets remember that energy, maybe lets try and summon some. Let's get excited about the year that ends and the many posibilities of the one that will beging next week. Isn't just a fabulous moment in life? ^_^


Bebe Taian said...

How exciting! I used to work in a craft store, and would always come home with piles of beads- either stuff they couldn't send off for damages, or things I'd bought on sale... I'd make piles of jewellery, and ended up getting several boxes for all those beads! Plus, I was gifted boxes of beads and embroidery threads, so I always had something to do! Can't wait to see photos of what you make. ^_^

On the flipside, I'm trying to downsize from all this stuff. I've got too much! So, I'm selling off most of my beads and craft things. >D It's an ambitious, ongoing project to destash my life.

Happy Christmas! Enjoy your beading!

LJ said...

Sounds like the perfect start to the day :o)