Dec 7, 2012

Friday Under Pressure

It does feel like TGIF today, and yes, TGIF! Though screaming in joy might be a little bit early just now, as there are plans ahead that could complicate an otherwise joyous day's layout. Then again, the end of the year is coming and a lot of people and groups suddenly feel the rush to close up on things that have been lagging for, oh say... 11 months? Yep, that happens. I wouldn't mind it so much , except that it really annoys me when these people - pressed by time, feeling the deadlines breathing down their necks - try to push-press things forward, expecting mistakes and shortcomings to be overlooked (and then whet those explode, they would just step back and point at the very people they have pressed for a speedy forwarding, as them being the culprits of not catching the mistake), and actually have the nerve to blame others for what's their fault to begin with.

I would like to resource to my inner sanctuary and find mental peace to navigate through the waves of incompetence, but I can't even master a simple chaturanga in yoga, so I won't even try. Instead I'm gathering up my professional weapons, also known as Plan B, while coating myself and my work with teflon to avoid any responsability or blame to stick on me, when I'm clearly not the responsible. Hell, I really hate it when work starts to look like an episode of Game of Thrones.

Then again the workday will end at some point, and I'll be free. To celebrate and unclutter my mind, I have thought about checking out the Costa Rican Art Museum.

Museo de Arte Costarricense
I haven't been at a museum since I came back from Hungary, which is comprehensible given the few museums in Costa Rica, their odd opening hours (they keep office hours, so basically anyone working a regular job is bound from visiting them), and often also their poor and even uninteresting collections. Yeah, sad but true. I'm not a fan of contemporary art, specially because most of it looks to me like someone just heaped up a bunch of garbage, peed on it and displayed it in an otherwise empty gallery, so I hope to see something that really speaks to me today. We do have good artists, but so far I haven't found a single remarkable Costa Rican artist, so by checking I hope to find our Jesús de Soto or our Alejandro Otero (Venezuelan artists I admire).

Jesús de Soto: "Azul y Negro" (Blue and Black) Scupture displayed at the Chacaíto square.

Alejandro Otero: "Estructura Solar" (Solar Structure). Displayed at the Fine Arts Museum.
Who knows? Maybe today I'll be WOW-ed. ^_^

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