Dec 1, 2012

First Archery Class

First day of Archery and I love it! Got hurt with the string of the bow, and I'm actually quite proud of it :-) The trainer said it was a "rite of initiation", but then it happened because I wasn't wearing an arm protector. Most of the people in the class was quite an expert, and only another guy and I were beginers, though the guy had some experience - real experience - with the bow and arrow. Next week we'll have the last lesson of the year - I wasn't aware of that, but sure as hell, I'm going. ^_^

Getting to the Archery camp wasn't easy, specially because someone mislead me about how to get there. Well, plenty of people was misleading about how to find the archery camp within the Sport Facility of the UCR, but in order to get to the Sport Facility I wasn't sure about a certain street, or more like an exit of a rotary. It was the key exit to go to the city part where the Sport Facility was located. I knew the old exit was closed, so I had asked this friend about how to get there. She insisted the exit was open. I don't go there often, so there was a chance I remembered wrong, or I hadn't paid attention. However, I wasn't wrong, despite of this friend saying she had used the exit not a week ago. Then again, there's nothing asking around can't fix, so I asked a cab driver and quickly found the right path.

I've conquered Sabanilla!

Now I must practice and work towards conquering Archery. ^_^

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