Dec 29, 2012

Daily Tidbits

Yes! I'm getting ahead with my letters! I wrote to letters yesterday and there are only two more to go. However these last two are big letters from very, very dear friends, so each would take me one day. It feels good to write to them, even though often I have to reply to very similar questions (my dear friends have all been worried about my returning to Costa Rica and showed their dear concern. Taking about it several times has been good not only to put their minds at ease, but also to reinforce my determination to get through with my plans).

One of my new penpals (Hello Lina!) wrote me a fabulous and long letter which got me writing and writing until I realized that I had written a bit too many pages. I always scan my letters, and I knew that this one is going to take me forever to scan, but what I didn't count on was that the letter wouldn't fit into my regular envelopes! Lots of stores were closed yesterday, so today my boyfriend and I walked to the city center to get envelopes in different sizes to avoid another similar case.

I've got myself a summer dress for our trip, then we've got a smoothie and walked back home. We talked a lot during our walk, shared our thoughts and opinions about a lot of things. And to thing that a week ago I was about to climb the walls and was considering murder (figuratively speaking, of course!) just to get free! Now we woke up when we want, and haven't heard the alarm clock in a while! I've time to read, to watch the TV, write to my friends and ENJOY doing so! Without being pressured that someone might find out at the office, or that I've been carrying the stationary and the letters with me for a month and haven't been able to write a single word!

When you have a break, use it! Any way you want, anyway it makes you feel awesome every minute. Your break is for you, not for others. It doesn't matter that others would use their vacations to go to Niagara or Argentina or start a new business, learn a new language... you use your vacations anyway it makes YOU feel good. It's your break, after all, so Enjoy! And be Happy ^_^

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