Dec 18, 2012

Lots of Loose Thoughts

Tuesday. One day down, one day ongoing and three days to go. Ah, can't wait to hit the vacations! Everybody is really hooked up on the Mayan calendar... which is constantly represented with the Aztec calendar. Not that I know that much about them, but dude, if I'm going to preach about it, shouldn't I get my facts and my images right? Anyway the business is in full fledge, and it's being heard of more than any other End of the World prior to this. Commerce is riding this one really hard with End of the World trips, End of the World sales, End of the World Lottery and even an End of the World raffle. I think not even Y2K was commercialized. Then again, not like there was any specific place where that end of the world would have started, so you could travel there and see it first hand. Back to the Mayan End of the World, isn't it curious that it falls on Yule? First it was on 2012, so everybody got the idea that it was going to happen  on Yule - the longest night of the year of the Northern Hemisphere - happened when the world didn't ended in January.

Aside from the Christian Ends of the World - which happen a couple of times a year, depending on the church promoting it -  I wonder which one will be next. The Aztec? The Egyptian? Sumerian? Inca? The one I'd really like to see, and hope it gets lots of exposure will be the Scandinavian end of the world. Could you imagine that? Recreating Ragnarok with the giant wolves? That ought to be awesome!

I wonder why people is so hung on the end of the world. We are having at least some four or five ends of the world each year, and the day after, the fooled ones who were the loudest about it, act as if nothing ever happened, waiting for the next end of the world date to come out and start their "the signs are there, you should prepare like I do". Hell, could it be that people is finally sobering up, cutting back on the senseless consumism, and companies are pushing these rumors to at least have some people believe it will happen and throw themselves into debt because they won't have to pay it anyway. Or could it be that the current consumism levels aren't enough anymore for the greedy pigs? Anyway, the world won't end. Really, it won't. It hasn't been scheduled in my filofax, and I have calendars up to 2014, so it probably got rescheduled, or you are missing your Mayan Calendar 2013-4013 inserts. ^_^

From greedy pigs and money, it's fun to think that people actually believe that economics are all about money. You say "economists" or "economics" and people whould think of money, and imagine them to be behind these artificial merchandise movements, push people from one person to the next - normally from the poor to the rich, or the rich to the richer - but that's not it. In fact, imagine different scenes where a type of professional would be unnecesary. For instance, if the world were naturally fair and people never fought against each other, nobody looked to wrong others or gain at the expense of others, we wouldn't need lawyers. Then lawyers would disappear or die because they would have no jobs and would make no money. If there were no illnesses, doctors would be redundant, and would get out of jobs. If we had no need of buildings, and would live openly in nature, walking on the natural paths of Earth, we wouldn't need engineers - I guess - and those would get unemployed. The only thing that could throw economists out of a job would be abundance - a state where everybody would have everything they need by their own means, suffering no needs, and never swapping anything because there would be no need. We would be unemployed... but in the middle of abundance, who wouldn't? ^_^ I might be mistaken about all the other jobs, but that doesn't make mine less awesome.

Some of my friends are freezing right now. A penpal from Finland told me they are at -20°C. Right now the sun is shining outside the window of the office and bouncing back from some of the metal roofs of lower buildings. I could be at the beach right now and I wouldn't complain about it, if you know what I mean. ^_^

BTW, there's a new coke can in town. It's a recloseable or resealable can, much larger than the regular - at least in here, where the regular is 355ml, and this is 450ml - and has a plastic lid that can be turned around like in those coffee mugs with lids one uses at the office. Have tried it and I don't recommend it. The seal does work so the coke won't spill if you accidentally knock the can, BUT the taste is different. It's not the usual can-taste, but it doesn't approach the plastic-bottle taste either. It taste like the coke you get at a party from a cheap, disposable plastic cup.

A year is slowly ending, but there are still days ahead to conquer a few things, achieve some goals and make of this a wonderful experience.

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