Dec 26, 2012

Catching Up With Letters

Penpalling by Stormberry
I don't consider myself a long-letter penpal (girls, what do you think?), but after writing two letters today my fingers hurt like hell! I even got a small channel like dent on my right middle finger, where the pen used to be. However, as I sit now blogging, I feel really good, accomplished that I'm getting ahead with my mail as well. Who knows? Maybe I'll keep up my promise to myself and get all my mail (snail mail!) answered before 2012 is done! Can't promise the same thing about my e-mails, and there are so many of them.

Two down and four to go, yes I can do this! But then, the question is, what about 2013? Well, then will come the day when I'll have to wait for letters to reply, abd in the meanwhile I write a couple of first letters I have lined up in my calendar. ^_^

For a moment there I considered designing some letter tracking inserts for my filofax, but then I've got thinking about it. I already have ten sections (don't ask....) and my filofax is getting hard to close, so do I really need a letter tracking paper-app? My current system works quite well as it is: I leave unanswered letters closed and on my desk where I can see them, only the one I'm answering is opened, they are arranged in order of arrival, and go into my penpal box when answered. As for the time it takes my penpals to answer, I'm not a Penpal from Hell, I know they'll answer when they do. communication is fluent so we always let each other nóknow via e-mail when letters arrive, so what would a new insert add to it?

Sometimes you should consider if extra organizing and tracking is right or if it would add more hassle than use to your life. And that applies to everything.

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