Dec 22, 2012

Making Gingerbread Cookies

Saturday at last and rest is coming many, many times a day. ^_^ The program of the day was simple: paying the tax we have to pay when we leave the country, then did some groceries and bought a fabulous book for children titled "Quién es Tomás?" (Who is Tomás?), which I bought from the author. The money made from the sale of the books is being used to help a foundation which helps children. It was really nice to meet the author, who was kind enough to to dedicate the book to my nephews.

From there we went home, where my boyfriend and my oldest nephew got on playing with the computer and I napped a little. Gash, I was needing that! ^_^ After that we got on the Christmas things with my boyfriend, Mom and my oldest nephew setting the Christmas tree and I preparing gingerbread cookies. :-) I can only hope that this recipe works, as I have misplaced my usual recipe and so had to fish another one from the Internet.

The Holidays are slowly coming, and we might be the last house of the block to catch on the Christmas feeling, but slowly here we are. :-) Now, I gara go and check on those cookies. See ya!

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