Dec 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

When do you celebrate Christmas? That's a curious question you may not ask yourself, but actually in some countries it's celebrated on the morning of the 25th and in others it's celebrated on the evening of the 24th. At our place we celebrate it on the evening of the 24th, while the world around us celebrate it on the morning of the 25th. I woke up early to make jewelry - was actually awoken by an idea about how to make these present-jewelries for my mom and my sister-in-law - and also to get some last things - like the wrapping paper that's never enough because rolls and rolls have been used to Hyne-knows-what - and wrap. I've been wrapping presents for hours now!

Thoughts for Christmas? Ask me later, when I'm done wrapping. Having written letters yet, and I should seriously get done with all my letters - Christmas Resolution: reply to all of my letters before the year ends! - and then... and then. I read in the fabulous blog of LJ - Honey, hope you don't mind me mentioning you, but your blog is just FANTASTIC, I trully love it, people! - about this Dodo planner inserts that help you get on top of your events, and festivities so you don't forget about the cards you are supposed to send and the presents, parties, dinners, appointments and all that. And do you know who needs that? --->THIS<---- b="b"> gal here! 2013 shall be different, I must really be on top of everything, so that when the vacations finally arrive I don't have to rush or worry or anything, just extend my arm and wait for the Piña Colada magically appear in my hand.

I know I did it one year, and it was so weird - but good weird! - It must have been back when I worked with Skylar and we were all stressed out all the time, and I had my days planned to the minute in my trusty palm pilot. I remember that I hit December and everything was done and taken care of. All presents bought and wrapped, all the cards and letters sent, all tasks checked... the world swirled around me with ever increasing pace and desperation to get things by the 24th, desperately trying to come up with something new because the one thing they came up with turned out to be sold out...

So, for 2013 I'll rely on my filofax and the inserts I can come up with to make things happen - to make magic! - and once again be on the top of my game, at least organizationally speaking.

It's a night of hope and dreams, so let's hope and let's dream!

Merry Christmas!

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LJ said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog, I'm glad you like it :o) We celebrate on the morning of the 25th, as we're from the UK, but as we're living in Switzerland we're surrounded by people who celebrate in the evening of the 24th. I quite often wonder of there are any other English people in the village/small town where we live. I guess the easiest way to find out would be to take a walk around the village now - lights on=UK bods with children - ha ha ha!!! My youngest figured it was time to wake his brother up at 4:30 this morning, I was lucky and given an extra 10 minutes before he called me upstairs to see what was in his little bag (they get a small bag in their room from each other with little bits and pieces in, this is my cunning plan to get them to stay in their room a bit longer...) They are now waiting until 8am before they are allowed to even think about opening any presents from round the tree :o)