Dec 11, 2012

Rushing It!

Is this Tuesday really? Oh Hell, it looks like "I don't know what"!

It started early with a rush to the gas station to pump some gas into Sookie. I went to my usual gas station since I like the service there, but the service is less than awesome in the wee hours of the morning. Yep, nothing like rushing to work and waiting for an incompetent worker who rather chats than pumps, and who forgets where she put the cap of the gas tank. From there I had to rush to the office - even if I left with plenty of time to drive peacefully and make it early - and made it just in time. Then somehow that stuck to my day.

I was having problems with the plane ticket and the reservation for our Surprise Trip - as you already know - and was worried the problem was with my credit card. So I called my boyfriend, and he told me - on another matters - that he would have to reschedule his flight for next week. Bummer :-(. But then again, at least he's still coming, so I'm still happy about it! Then on second thought, that way I won't have any problem going to a Wiccan Encounter with my friends Marcy and Mary Elle. I'm really looking forward to it, and it might have been a bit complicated with Kari, since the whole thing is in Spanish, he's not into Pagan stuff, and would have not understood my friends, even if they speak English. But above all, he would have been bored. So now my going to the event is fully confirmed. :-) Hn, then that might mean that I'll skip yoga, but there's yoga every Sunday, and this is the first Wiccan Encounter I'll attend to, and I'm excited about the things I can learn an maybe the contacts I can make. Wish Muslims, Buddhists and Jewish would do the same so I could collect information about their view of the world as well. ^_^ Yay! Excited!

From there job started POURING on me. Literally. POURING! The expected information for two different and rather big projects came in today, but I couldn't give them my full attention because there was yet another BIG Instant Project that had to be done in the best Action Movie fashion: "You have three hours to solve this murder, Trigger!". Boss asked, so I worked through it, even cut my lunch time to 20 minutes... including the climbing up and down over ten flights. But that was done! And in the mean time I worked one of the big projects. Left the office with 1.5 projects to work on for tomorrow.

In the meantime I called the Airline company and then my bank and there's nothing wrong either with the airline's website or my card. Yeah, except that NOBODY told me that the "local currency" button on the webpage doesn't WORK! Things went dandy the moment I opted for American Dollars. Bottom line, the card was fine, the Bank is SUPER, and sorry, but the website is less than perfect.

I went home, but just before it, I went to the Post Office where my P.O.Box was stuffed with letters! One of my penpals will be happy to know that her bulky and purposefully uninteresting letter arrived quickly! I think that's the trick: make your letters look like you are sending boring academic papers, or tests or xeroxed notes for a "Trascendental Philosohy" class or anything that's likely to be printed in tiny letters, big, thick paragraphs and no pictures. Then decided to give myself the last "Great Drink of the Week" of my List of 13.

Once home I did some checking pertaining some specifics about the destination, and went on reserving the hotel. There I had a pleasant surprise. I'm checking with a particular hotel chain, and from the options I had been checking suddenly the best option became available for my budget, so I clicked away. Oh, I wished I could tell my boyfriend about it... but that would ruin the surprise.

I pulled my filofax out - which I don't keep in my purse yet, because it's not 2013 yet - and filled in the details of the flights, the hotel, things that need to be taken care of prior to the flight and some ideas of where to go  visiting. Notes piled up, and my first week is already full. I need something to arrange that, as I have day slots blocked already with all the things to do - which aren't all that much! - and then there are post its and clipped up pieces of paper all over with reminders. Wow. I love my filofax! ^_^ And I am definitively making a video of it. :-)

It was a rush, things went really fast... and I loved that rush! ^_^ I love my job and I ADORE my life!

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Julie said...

Yeah so that's the trick... For mail to actually reach you it has to look boring! I've learned my lesson! :/