Mar 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

And here we are, once again, celebrating St. Patrick's Day. ^_^ I'm wearing my beautiful St. Patrick's necklace, with was a gift from my talented friend Dragonfly-cr. The other day I met with her and we exchanged belated gifts. She gave me to simply gorgeous green necklaces, and when I say "gorgeous" I mean "drop dead, they are so Beautiful!". She told me that her sister asked her why both were green. I guess her sister doesn't know me well yet, otherwise she wouldn't ask ^_^. In case you don't know either, let me tell you: I looooooooove green. Green is my absolute most favorite color in the whole wide would. 

A couple of year's ago - I think - I went about the meaning of this day and all, so I won't repeat myself. This year this day comes to me with just fabulous chances and ideas. Things are chaning around me, and the bad strike seems to be straightening out. However, this change comes also from a few changes in my perspective. I've been thinking, and I realized that I should take action  - a much more active role - in the things I'm interested in. Now, I don't mean by things that I haven't been taking action in my life and working to make things happen, I mean that I realized that sometimes you must blow the "strategy" out of the window, roll up "diplomacy" into a little ball and slam dunk it into the waste basket, because sometimes you must dig into your closet, put on your combat boots and smear your mouth with the red lipstick our feminist foremothers called "war paint".

Some of our modern age gurus say that change is inevitable, but how come when we wait for it it never seems to arrive? Well, because sometimes we are the agents of change, we are the Ax of God and the personification of His Will. Sometimes we are the motors, so when change should come and doesn't seem to, dig out your war colors, paint your mouth red to make your manifesto stand out, strap on your boots, your war heels, and stand your ground with conviction. Sometimes we must exercise patience, but some others we must defeat fear, untangle from the tentacles of cowardice and bring out the warrior in us, the one that says that's better to die on your feet than live on your knees. The one that bathes in flames, that takes hope as an invitation for action, the one that is infused with a sense of justice and keeps pushing.

Bring out your inner warrior and see the world change around you. Be your own hero.

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