Apr 14, 2013

Good Karma and Lessons Learned

Hello Everybody! Is there someone still here? Yes, I know, good question, but that's the way it goes. I haven't been around not for lack of topics - I think I actually have maybe some five potential topics post-it-ed in my filofax (one of them is about my filofax!) - but rather due to the lack of a proper feeling towards writing. In other words, as some of you know it all too well, I had been under the weather due to my work conditions lately, none of which were due to my fabulous boss. The change had been bad, to say the least, but I found inspiration in the example of many revolutionaries who had the courage to change the tide, stand up to the forces that seemed undomitable, and remaining always honest to themselves, showing an unbreakable integrity. Against all odds, I decided to follow their example, be true to myself, honest and don't lower my head, always proud of my ideals, my fight and my believes. As result, I managed to get a swap, and I'm moving to a another department, one to which I had secretly wanted to go for quite a while. Yes, there is karma, and this is it! ^_^

Things haven't been arranged the best way. The move was speedy, but terribly executed, which up to this point doesn't affect me anymore, but it might affect my boss. Now, we can't have that, can we? So I'll delay my much awaited departure to do things the way I've always done them: properly.

I'm free. I breathe freedom, and with it I feel all my chances high. I'm full of energy and I'm tackling my old projects, taking up where I left and going.  However, as this time has passed and this ordeal has been crossed and survived, many lessons remain in my soul for me to meditate about. I've learned to value courage, to put words and ideals into actions, to act upon my believes and to renew faith in honesty. Many people always count on what others can do for you, and by this I learned that though faith in others doesn't need to be abolished, instead of placing your hopes above all on what others can do for you, you must strap on a pair and start by acting, by moving, by doing what's right, what puts you in the path you want to walk.

Revolution. Yes, many will tell you that "revolution" is a dirty word, that it depicts the terrorist of our time, the dictators and the people who seek to destroy the world. Not one will tell you that there's no greater symbol of rebelion and revolution than Satan. When those words ring in your ears, when they tell you to bow your head, accept your destiny and above all stay away from rebelling, from strinking a revolution, remember Spartacus, the French Revolution, Our Nation's Forefathers, who fought for our Independence, the Sufragists, each courageous woman fighting for our rights, Martin Luther King, Martin Luther also... It's not the rebelion for the rebelion, the revolution for the revolution, is the means and the courage and the conviction that supports what we believe to be right.

I've earned a victory in this battle, but now I see that there's more to keep fighting for. It's not me and my job, it's US and OUR PLANET.


LJ said...

Good for you xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi there :)
Yes, this ONE person always looking forward for your next post :)
I have to admit that I have little idea of what going on in your workplace but, I'm a BIG believer in karma. Anyway, glad to know that it's turn out right and like what you wanted.
All the best for your year ahead!