Feb 2, 2015

Blessed Imbolc

I'm trying to start this year a little more aware of my spirituality, however, Imbolc comes and I don't feel really like making circle or anything. I read what this year's witch datebook suggests, but it kinda doesn't resonate with what I feel or I need at the moment.

Imbolc is the awakening of the dormant new life, moment of birth and nursing, more than the beginning, the moment when the new life gets strong enough to start rising its head. What does that bring to my mind? Well, the idea of the plans we have made and how we have been putting them in motion. Isn't this a great moment to review our New Year Resolutions and see how are we going with them? I'm a little slow on the book reading front, have had some drawback with my finance watching, and nearly fell back with my blogging. I'm again lagging back with my penpalling, but this is still the beginning. Imbolc gives me chance to review and improve. Why our Christian calendar doesn't give us this moment of review as well? It's so curious also that our professional, "civil" live also neglects often this. We have a set goal and then a summarizing review at the end of it, but how often we have check ups along the way? To make sure we are keeping our direction, reviewing the availability of our goals, the reasonability of our expectations? Wouldn't it be better for all of us if he had this early check up point in our plans? So we can take a moment to think about what we have set before us, take a moment to straighten our direction or change it for something that's really closer to our chest?

If I may, I'd like to suggest a moment to think about your plans, whether they are really what you want, and how well are you doing in fulfilling them.

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