Mar 1, 2015

A Heavy Week

This week has been... a little bit of a mess, so this entry will be short. Short. It can't really say that my week was busy or full, but it has been full of stuff and... things. I've been running after some stupid copier guy who was supposed to get my a text xeroxed by Tuesday but had it by Friday, and did some damage on the original text. Work hasn't been the satisfying thing it had been in the past, and the strain of fighting to keep my position on certain things drains me quite some. I've been waking up late and tired everyday, and have been going to bed beaten up and wishing for vacations. What had happened this week???? It's like there have been a bull sitting on me all week long. It got me quite down, truth to be told. Can only hope this week that begins will be much lighter for me than the one I just left behind myself.

I did have a little of fun too, so don't worry. Carrie, Kate and I met at Carrie's and watched some episodes of Love Stage, Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-Bu Love and Vikings. We had fun chatting, eating and sharing stories. I was surprised that Carrie's younger sister took time to talk to me. As far as I knew it, she didn't like me much, but yesterday she talked a lot to me about a lot of social topics, including some painful things of her personal life. Wow. I must say, I was quite taken aback by her. Was that for real? All of it? Kate made it, but got there rather late. We are all worried about her.

Oh well, this is it. I've some work, some projects, but all I want to do is read some. I need some rest.

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