Apr 26, 2015

Summary of the week

The process of writing a post starts sometimes with the picture I select for that post, something I caught with my phone and around which I'd like to talk about. I had a couple of thoughts around in my head now, and was checking my latest photos when I thought: damned, did I wrote last week? (Yes, I did.) The doubt came after finding on my phone a few pictures of my two new diplomas, which I didn't remember sharing with you. Yes, last week I graduated as a "diplomate" in Business Administration and as Bachelor in Accounting. In the university I go to, this "diplomate" (like a technical degree) in Business Administration is the base for all other careers such as accounting, finance, marketing, leadership (yes, so stupid, I know), Human Resources and such. I'm quite please, truth to be told, that I've finally managed to get those diplomas, and am already on the final stage to get my licentiate degree in accounting.

But that was last week. This week has been hell. My brand new tablet stopped working. I mean, all of it worked, except that it refused to get on the internet, and I've got it with a data plan, so I want my money's worth on internet access. So I had to take it to the agency where I've got it and have it sent to the workshop for fixing. It didn't please me much. Maybe the acquiring of a tablet might have been excessive on my part, as I already have a Kindle and a smartphone (and a netbook), and admittedly, the purchase was a whim-purchase (and the purchase wasn't the tablet, that came "for free" with the data plan, which is a two year plan), but I kinda like it better for surfing than my Blackberry, and - what's more important - it was much more manageable for working with university related stuff than my Blackberry, so I was counting on it to do my stuff.

Oh well, in three more weeks I'll have it back. Naturally, the company will deduce those weeks from my bill, as they should.

Work was piling up a little, specially since my boss left us to deal with some requirements from auditing, and then my boss went to a week-long seminar at the UIT, and my boss' replacement pretty much dunked the whole thing on me.Well, it wasn't much, thanks Hyne, but some things were clearer for other members of our team, who have worked with it. A new revision of the Roaming fees also came through, and naturally it came to me. I would have been crossed if it would have been given to someone else, as Roaming is my turf, and honestly, no one has worked as much it it as I have.

Things were coming along, I met with a dear friend, discovered a fabulous beauty product store - The Face Shop -  and got a dear friend of mine a perfect gift for her birthday. I sent her gift to her with her husband, and then she sent me mine with him too. Wow, her gift was grand!

My friend, Skylar, and I, know each other from quite a long time. We used to work at the same process, but under different bosses some time ago, but then, thanks to a restructuring shift, we got separated. We haven't stayed in contact the same as before, but we still think of each other very fondly, and consider each other friends, nearly best friends. She had been getting presents for me and saving them until our next meeting. I felt bad because I don't do that. Maybe I should try and be more attentive.

Finally, on Friday, I had a car accident. Noting serious! Really, just pulling out of the garage here at home, Nate rolled gently into another car. Yes, it was my fault. Lack of coffee early in the morning. No, I won't make that mistake again. Today at night I'll prepare the coffee maker to get me a cup of coffee right before I leave the house. Haven't decided, of course, if I'll take one of dad's cars or if I'll use public transportation, but I won't take Nate, as dad's taking Nate to an authorized workshop (authorized by my insurance company) for valuation of the damage (basically just the frontal bumper) and then it will stay at home until it gets fixed. It was good in the sense that I've got to the office late, but didn't have to worry because it was justified, and then left early - also justified - because I had to go to my insurance company to authorize the damage of the other car to be charged to my insurance. :-) It wasn't pretty, and I was quite nervous, and it might cost me (depending on how much it costs, because I have a full on coverage, but only above a certain amount), but other than that, hey, I had a short Friday at the office! And I did a lot of work with the Roaming thing, so all is good.

Well, no pictures for today, but it wasn't that bad a post, was it?

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