Apr 11, 2015

Time to Fly Back

My photos - the few I've made - are still in my Blackberry, far from being organized in albums in my facebook profile, or to try and do something with them on my +Google (or is it Google+?) account or anything. I don't have a Pinterest account, so that's why that's not even being neglected. So what has been happening? Well, here it goes in a few, quick points.

The first week we were pretty much booked with errands and a couple of trips. After the whole ordeal of the cancelled flight - oh yes, and I still have a conversation pending with KLM, because I'm so sorry, they are not AirFrance, and I'm not that lenient with them - I had stuff to do, like make sure my yearly Social Security tax was paid and all in order, cancelled my Hungarian bank account, and started looking around for the things my family asked me for. Quite the next day after my arrival, my boyfriend and I went to spend a night in Vienna. I didn't had it planned, but he insisted, particularly because my planned abroad trip didn't include him. At Vienna, we went to the Schönbrunn, as usual, and then visited the Easter Fair and Sigmund Freud's house.

Schönbrunn was a bit changed, with more rooms opened and the audio of the audio guides chopped in half. It was enjoyable, but I did miss a lot of the information we used to get before. The Easter Fair was quite small. Lovely but small. Sigmund Freud's house was quite interesting, as it was in the flat where he lived and held his practice. Sadly, though, the tour was quite poorly organized and very little to no information was given to the visitor about how to proceed about the exposition. There's a lot of room for improvement there.

Then, that same week, we went to Mezőkövesd to visit very dear friends of ours, with whom I had a very, very comforting conversation. I came back from it feeling awesome and soundly supported. We also went to Gödöllő, another place we simply can't leave out of our trip. We went on Sunday, with the awesome surprise of finding they were holding "Violet Day", which is a fair of sorts held in Spring, honoring Empress Sisi's favorite flower. (I would upload pictures, but my connection is quite poor. Maybe in a later post.)

This week I met with a dear friend and then went to Bruxelles to meet with a dear friend and penpal. She and I met for the first time and I had a blast! I promise I'll tell you all more in a later post, because I have a lot of lovely pictures that need to be shared along with the story.

Anyway, in two weeks with so many plans, I barely had any actual time to breathe. I'm returning home feeling a bit exhausted, if I must tell you the truth, but happy. I accomplished several things I wished to accomplish and managed some others I had to manage. Now it's time to go back home to my daily duties and tasks.

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