Jun 7, 2015

It All Comes Back... Eventually

Yesterday my teammates and I finally finished the last part of our accounting paper. It was a really, really difficult paper where we spent days and days trying to figure out how to fit this company's accounting to the IFRS. Let me tell you this: it wasn't easy. We all chipped in, took chunks of the paper, worked them over, sent them to each other for reviews and completing, shouldered whatever needed to be shouldered in order to get ahead and, yes, with much sweat and effort, we did it. Hyne, Adri and I had already started seeing the company and the accounting issues in our dreams! Serge didn't tell us of dreams, but we know he got into serious problems at his job for working as hard as he did on this paper. But the due date was yesterday and yesterday at 11 hours whe finished it and e-mailed it to the tutor.

The thing is that our group is made of four people. One of us, however, has found it very easy not to contribute to the paper. All he has done has been nothing but pretense. Three times has he sent us a file no longer than two pages (last ones have been of one page each), but nothing of what he sent was usable. Each time we met, he would always talk about his job, what auditors he knew said, what he did at the office but never really mentioned anything about the paper we had to do. While Adri, Serge and I kept in contact every day, and kept up the work, this other guy simply vanished. He sent what he considered to be "his part" and then forgot completely about the whole thing. Didn't even bothered himself asking us if he could help with something, didn't bothered asking for the completed work... nothing. Half way through our paper Adri and I talked to him and told him to either get his act together or go find another way to do the job. He promised he wasn't like that, he would change, he would work, but that was also just words as as soon has he had to do his part, he once again did nothing, and whatever he sent, again, wasn't useful.

For this last part, again, this guy was absent. After all we had to work, after all we did and how hard it was, Serge, Adri and I got really pissed off at this guy (obviously), and so we have decided - this avanced the work - that he won't be any longer in our team. I don't know if he will have the points he needs to pass this class, but that's not our concern, it should have been his.

There's a lot of people just like that, people who find it very easy to lean on others and let others do the hard job for them. People who are constantly looking to leech on others, and have no qualms reaping the rewards, pretending they've earned something when they have done nothing for it. How can they live like that, is something I can't wrap my mind around. It just don't bother them that they get a diploma while having no real knowledge to back it up. It doesn't bother them to charge for a job they have never made, which they can't defend, which they can't explain. It doesn't bother them to pretend to have done or said something while well knowing they didn't, and it doesn't deter them either when it's evident others know they are lying.

Others simply want others to fix all of their problems, take care of all of their tasks and duties while using other things as excuse: they can't take care of this because they have a job to take care, they can't do that because they must attend their family, they can't be bothered with that other thing because they have health issued to be concerned about. It's easy for them and they feel entitled to take advantage of others, up to the point that they feel offended when someone do not bend to their desires. They actually consider it cruelty when someone says no to them, but it's not kindness when someone says yes.

These people are deeply irresponsible. They have many desires of many things they want in their lives, usually from a shallow point of view, and it never occurs to them to actually do the work for themselves, but they seek to take these things from others. They want a diploma, but they won't study for it, rather have others get it for them. They want money, but they won't work for them, but rather have others give them the money. They want properties, but they rather have others buying them for them. Not like it matters to them when they get what they want, because they seem to like the superficial element. They see others with a happy family and they want it for themselves, completely ignoring the fact that the happiness also comes from the hard work fo building what you have in life. They get things but those things mean nothing, and so is why they can't see the kindness of those who procure them what they want.

Yes, they need to move fast, from person to person, group to group because there's no way you can milk the same person or group for long. Because eventually everybody gets tired. We've got tired, this leech is can't milk this any longer.

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