Feb 14, 2016

Love of Friends

Happy St. Valentine's Day! ^_^ My first St. Valentine's Day without a boyfriend in quite a while, and it is wonderful! I spent the last two days with two of my best friends, going to the movies and having a spendid time. Confidences with friends are so sweet and wonderful, and I find such endless love in them, so fresh and delightful and honest. I wonder sometimes why can't actual love be like this, so open and free and fresh. Well, perhaps for some, but in my experience that sort of love life is always crowded with unspoken things and a lot of guarded moments.

St. Valentine isn't one of my favorite holidays, though I love greeting my friends, but it's still worth a few words of introspection. It's good to have a day to celebrate love, even it the day was created for commercial purposes as many say. It shouldn't matter if the day was invented to sell more flowers and chocolates, book more hotel rooms and restaurant reservations, what matters here simply is the chance to remember love.

Though the celebration centers quite strongly on the romantic kind of love, a day to celerate love should also be about remembering the love we feel for our friends, our family, our pets and also ourselves. And how about all those things that fill us with love, like our favorite stories and our favorite books, and even our favorite series and characters and "ships". It's  day to remember the jobs and hobbies we love, our dear colleagues, our sweetest memories, our favorite places... As we go remembering all the forms and types of love in our liveswe realize that we might feel alone sometimes, but we are surrounded with love. Isn't that wonderful? <3 div="">

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