Feb 28, 2016

Modern Dating

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Tomorrow I start the new level in German - or shall I refer to it as a partial-level? - and I'm quite excited about it. More German, more knowledge and a step ahead for mastering a new language. Yay! Can't wait to know enough to start reading books in German! I'm already crunching up numbers. trying to figure out ways to squeeze a day in Vienna for my next trip to Europe, which will be now during the Spring. A really short trip. I smile just imagining going to Vienna and looking at it differently, able to understand more and say more. Won't that be a hoot?

I think I might also be nervous a little bit, as I dreamed that the first day of class I forgot about it and went home after work, and when I realized I was at home and the class had started 40 minutes ago. Waaaaah! It was awful! I remember thinking that I'd ask my sister in law for her notes and then thinking that actually nobody's notes were as good as mine. It's not the first time I have a bad dream like that, and curiously they are all about forgetting something important and not remembering until it's too late.

Recently I also went out on my first date since... a freaking lot of time. By the end of last year, I decided to give the online dating a chance, mostly out of curiosity. It was quite surprising for me to realize that more friends than I thought were on different dating sites, or used to be, and that they were meeting people through them. I tried it out, as you know, and well, this week I had the first date with someone I met online. I was thinking about it, and realizing it was a date, instead of a simple meeting, as I usually tend to see this kind of thing. But then again, I normally meet people face to face and then decide to go out somewhere, usually in the frame of some program, so maybe I've never actually dated before.

The guy I met is really nice and we got along really well. It was pleasant and casual, and I guess I won't really see much of him ever again - just the way I like it - but the point is that, as this went on I realized that I might like this quite a lot. :-) The world is changing, and people don't pick up people at bars and so, as we used to, back in the day, but when people's heads are stuck in their phones, effectively cutting them out of the rest of the world, isolating them from real life, the way to meet people now is online. Kind of sad, but this is how mankind rolls now.

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