Mar 27, 2016

Off the Cyberspace, Looking for Real Space

Though I did had the intent of writing a post every week, lately I've been struck by a sort of revulsion towards the digital and the cybernetic environment. It's not that I don' wish to blog, but I don't feel any desire to be active on any social media. Thinking about checking my Facebook account makes me cringe. Same with Tumblr and Twitter, and then, by default, I don't desire to deal with anything Internet related. I'd rather read, I'd rather watch movies, I'd rather not turn on the computer at all if I can avoid it. Is it because I'm old or is it because there comes a moment when there's just too much Internet crap around us?

Maybe it's the heat, or the amount of homework I have, which have taken the joy out of a good chunk of my small holidays, but be it as it may, I really don´t want to spend time online. Not, if I can avoid it. So why did I post now? Because I was thinking that maybe there's someone out there who feels the same. They usually are. For them, imagine just the joy of logging off, stashing your laptop, your tablet, your phone away and walk away from them, barefoot, feeling the organic world around and coming to the fabulous point where you turn on the TV to watch something, or pick a REAL book off a shelve to read, make a real cup of coffee (or tea, or cocoa) and sit, looking outside your real window, into the real world out there and feel, really feel yourself connect with the many people through the ages that had done the same. 

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