Sep 24, 2010

Again, Blogging for Childfree Rights

Today's entry has been inspired as an add-up to today's entry in Childfree News's "Love Thy Neighbour? Not with Kids". In it you'll read this story about distressed parents who live in a third floor with a "large balcony that's great for kids to play" (I can't possible imagine a great balcony for kids to play on on a third floor. Isn't that dangerous? Like kids could fall or something?). Their concern is that the neighbour on the first floor is annoyed and threatened with reporting their kids with the manager because, well, one day the three year old daughter of a friend threw lollies on her yard (when the parents realized they took away the candy from the kid), and then, when their kids were playing there - on the great third floor balcony with a rubber hardball -  10 minutes into the game the ball fell to the yard of the neighbour.

From the quoted text, it seems the parents are actually upset the childfree neighbour is so annoyed, as they put it clearly "Kids... what can you do?". My eyebrows went to my hairline. Was it for real? I mean, is it REALLY for real? There were no pictures of the great balcony in question, but it did got me thinking that if it was so that a toddler could throw candies from there, it shouldn't be all that child-save, as perhaps it should. But they are letting their kids play in there, so let's assume it's a safe place.

The question, coming from parents blew me away. What do you mean what can you do with the behavior of kids? How about EDUCATE THEM!? You know, when you tell your kid: "don't throw things at other people's properties" or "watch where you play with that". Or is it that they are going to let kids play with a bike inside and apartment? Well, any person with a bit of common sense should know that catch up, throw- away or jumpy, run-around games are not the better suited for a third floor. Just like you don't play music or the TV loud in an appartment, nor jump around on a second and higher floor, due to consideration towards the neighbours.

Kids throwing things on other people's yard is not an excuse. It's exactly the same as any other neighbour throwing stuff on other people's yards, or maybe some pet throwing things on other neighbour's yard. Just because it's a kid doing it, it's not an excuse when annoys other people. Parents must realize that they are responsible for the acts of their kids, they are responsible of educating them, and under no circumstance they should force other people to put up with them. Having those kids was their choice, not that of their neighbours, so they should del with it and avoid disturbing others with their offsprings.

However, sadly parents seem to believe that the world own them, and so everybody should put up with the annoying monkeys they keep at home.

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